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A New Hairdo for the Beatles

By Sarah Craven, Age 10, Ohio


As you know the Beatles used to have very long hair but you don’t know that they once had the craziest hairstyle ever.

One day the Beatles were wondering around London and saw a makeup billboard with a girl with curly pink hair on it. The Beatles loved the hairdo; they thought it was unique and stylish. So they went to the barber shop, got a perm and died their hair pink. When they came out everybody was staring. They just kept walking home. When they got home, they looked in the mirror and admired their new do.

After a few days of staring, they realized the hairstyle was extremely girly. Red with embarrassment, they ferociously tried to straighten their hair with two books, but it wouldn’t uncurl. Desperately, they called the salon for an appointment to fix their hair.

During their days with pink hair, they gave themselves girl hair and wrote songs about themselves. Where do you think they got inspiration for songs like “Julia,” “Michelle,” and “Lady Madonna”! Anyways, this story shows you to never take a hairstyle from a makeup billboard.