Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Utsha Rai, Age 11, California


“Hurry up already!” Emma heard Anika say to her.

“But I’m still in my PJs!”

“I don’t care! Just hurry up!”

Emma sighed and decided to keep her dark green PJs on. She quickly exited her bedroom, and saw her best friend Anika impatiently tapping her foot.  She was also wearing her PJs except they were a sky blue color. Anika was tall with shoulder length curly strawberry blonde hair and emerald eyes with a dark tan. Meanwhile Emma was short with straight crimson red hair that stopped at her chin, hazel eyes, and fair skin.

Emma quickly put on her boots and they headed out into the warm summer night for some ice cream. Anika was staying over at Emma’s to catch up on some TV shows that they wanted to watch together. Emma’s mom had forgotten to buy ice cream for the girls, so they had to go to the store and buy it themselves. There were towering billboards flashing ads for very few seconds, and the streets were crowded with people even though it was nighttime. When you live in New York, it’s always busy day and night. Emma could hear people talking hastily on their phones and the distant siren of an ambulance.  It was overwhelming when Emma first moved here, but she had gotten used to it.

Anika and Emma finally arrived at the small dingy store that smelled like garbage. They could hear the dogs barking in the back of the store. The store had cracks on its walls and lights that flickered every five seconds. But they always went there since it was the closest store to where Emma lived. They quickly went inside eagerly in search for some ice cream.

“What flavor do you want?” questioned Anika.

“The usual,” replied Emma.

“Vanilla it is, then.”

“What about you?”

“Chocolate like always.”

Emma quickly handed Anika a five-dollar bill, paid for the ice cream, and exited the store with the ice creams.

“Wait, I forgot the change,” exclaimed Anika.

“Well, hurry up and get it,” Emma answered annoyed.

Anika quickly rushed into the store meanwhile Emma wandered around the tiny parking lot. She spotted something next to a tree and approached it hesitantly. As she came closer, she realized that it was a briefcase and was locked. How unusual. Curiosity got the best of her, and she decided to pick the lock. Luckily, she had a bobby pin with her that she could use in order to pick the lock. She took the bobby pin out of her hair and used it to pick the lock.

After a few seconds, the briefcase opened. Emma’s eyes widened in shock and astonishment; she could clearly see the bundles after bundles of money in the briefcase. She was so shocked that she didn’t hear Anika sneak up on her.



Anika had tears coming out of her eyes while she was on the ground howling with laughter. She stopped laughing abruptly when she saw the briefcase. Her eyes became as wide as a saucer and she clumsily stood up tripping on her own feet.

“Where did you find that?”

“Right next to this tree,” replied Emma pointing at the tree.

“I think we should take it to the police station.”

“I agree. We would get into a lot of trouble if we were caught.”

“Yeah,” Anika agreed nodding her head vigorously.

Anika and Emma immediately grabbed the briefcase and headed to the local police station.  When they arrived there, they saw some people stumbling out of the police station, policemen dragging out drunken people from their police cars, and policemen talking to one another. They could also smell alcohol and cigarettes. They passed by a group of policemen talking about football while on their way to the front door.

When they stepped inside the police station, they saw a lanky woman who looked to be in her early thirties busily answering phone calls at the front desk. She had long midnight black hair that was in loose curls and chocolate brown eyes with light skin. She was wearing a police uniform with combat boots. Her head resting on her hand while her eyes were downcast.

Anika and Emma cleared their throat at the same time to get the receptionist’s attention, but she instead held up a finger telling them to wait without even looking at them. They impatiently tapped their foot waiting for the receptionist to end her last call.

Anika looked around the enormous police station in wonderment. She had never been inside a police station before. She had just seen them on TV.  She saw a huge filing cabinet and a notice board covered with papers. She could hear crying in the distant and could smell the strong stench of vomit.

Finally, the receptionist ended her last call and looked up. She raised her eyebrows at Anika and Emma. They had forgotten that they were wearing their PJs. It must have looked strange to see two teenage girls in their PJs at a police station with a briefcase.

“How may I help you?” asked the receptionist.

“We found a briefcase with money in it,” blurted out Anika.

“Look, we have no time for jokes,” said the receptionist seriously.

“Please, we aren’t joking,” pleaded Anika.

“Alright, what are your names?”

“Anika Johnson.”

“Emma Summers.”

“Alright Anika and Emma, we will keep the money until someone claims it. However, if no one claims it within 6 months, you will be able to keep the money.”

Anika and Emma gasped in surprise and nodded their heads in understanding. They silently said goodbye to the receptionist and left the police station. On their way home to Emma’s, they were both silent. They were deep in thought about what the receptionist had told them.

“Emma?” Anika said hesitantly.


“Do you think someone’s going to claim it?”

“Probably.  Someone’s going to notice that a big load of their money is lost, so let’s not get our hopes up.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

When they got home, they went to Emma’s room and talked till three in the morning. They didn’t mention anything about the money. It was as if they never found it.

Six months later, Emma got a call from the police station. It turns out that no one ever claimed the money, so it was now theirs.  Later that day, Emma and Anika talked on the phone and they decided to meet up at the police station.

After meeting up they headed to the police station’s front desk and told them that they were there to receive the money. The receptionist from last time smiled warmly at them as she handed them the briefcase and thanked them for doing the right thing.

During the walk home, they discussed on what they were going to do with the money. They finally agreed on splitting half of the money to put in to their college fund.