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Another Chapter… A New Adventure!

By Kristin, Age 13, Ontario, Canada


“Hey! Come on, it’s time to get ready for school!” Mom yelled.
“School doesn’t start until the seventh,” I mumbled, trying to get some more sleep.
“It is the seventh. Now come on up and get out of your bed and get dressed. You’re going to be late and I don’t want you to be late on your very first day of high school.” Mom demanded.
“Oh my gosh, school!” I commented, as my feet swept from under the covers, on to the cold hardwood floor.
“I know, but you’ll have an awesome day Sweetie. It’s a fresh start, just like you wanted. You don’t have to worry about those girls who were mean to you. High school will be okay, Honey. I know it will,” Mom replied.
“You don’t know that, Mom. What if I don’t make any friends? What if everyone hates me? What if all of the teachers hate me? Or even worse, what if I get an F?” I asked anxiously.
“No one will hate you. I know that you’ll make lots of friends, just be yourself. You know that all of the teachers always love you for who you are. And I sure hope that you won’t be failing a course. You’ll have to go to summer school then.” “Ha-ha,” I chuckled and Mom laughed back.
“Don’t worry, Mom, I’m planning on getting straight A’s again this year.” I said.
“Good for you. I’m so proud of you, and I don’t want you to ever forget how proud I am of you.” Mom responded, while giving me a big smile and an enormous hug.
“Okay then, I’ll give you some time to get ready. You’re almost late.” Mom said, as she headed towards the door.
“Hey, Mum.”
“No problem, Honey.”
It was now almost quarter to eight. I had picked out a very special outfit for my first day. It included a new pair of designer jeans, a navy blue tank top, and a black cardigan, with three buttons on the front. I was so excited. I had managed to curl my hair as well, which was such an accomplishment, as my hair was so heavy, it was almost impossible to curl. I was going to rock this school.
I got dressed into my perfect first-day-of-high-school outfit and, I was almost done with my hair. Hmm. Something was missing, I thought. What was missing was a black headband that would give me a more sophisticated look. It would look especially nice with my glasses, I thought. I grabbed the headband, gently sliding it right into place. I was now completely ready. It was a good thing that I had packed my backpack the night before.
I headed down the stairs, and towards the kitchen. “Bye, Mom. Bye, Dad.” I said to them, as I rushed to the door in a hurry. The quickness with which I put my shoes on made both my Mom and my Dad wonder what was going on with me and why I was in such a hurry.
“What’s going on, Sarah?” My Dad asked. I knew they were suspicious and worried because my Dad was well reserved and never spoke up.
“I’m just excited to see what today will bring.” I could hear my Mom whispering to my Dad.
“I talked to her,” my Mom told my Dad.
“Have a good first day of high school, dear,” my Dad told me.
“Don’t forget to just be you,” my Mom advised me.
“Okay, I will,” I told them both, as I headed out the front door.
“They grow up just so fast,” my Mom told my Dad.“I know. I remember holding her in my arms when she was just a baby,” my Dad responded to my Mom. Both my Mom and my Dad talked, as I was outside waiting for the bus, eavesdropping,  and sitting on the front porch.
The bus soon arrived.
“Is this Sarah Smith?” the bus driver asked me.
“Yes,” I replied, as I stepped onto the bus. I had never been on a bus before since before today, I had gone to a local private elementary school, which my parents had driven me to.
Soon after I had been picked up by the bus, we had arrived at the high school. This would pretty much be where I would be spending the next four years of my education. I was nervous and frightened. I hoped that I would do well today and possibly meet some new friends. I was the type of person, who was often reserved, when meeting people and getting to know them. I stayed back and hid. I waited for people to come to me but once I got to know people, I became more myself.
“Hi,” a girl said to me, as I headed off the bus.
“Hi, I’m Sarah.” I responded.
“My name is Sarah too,” she commented.  I smiled back at her.
“What homeroom do you have?” she asked me.
“Room four,” I answered.
“My homeroom is room four too.”
“Oh!” I exclaimed.
My first day of high school was phenomenal, with the introductions to the different classes, to meeting my classmates, to well absolutely everything.
And when I arrived back home, I was so excited to share how my first day went.
“Mom! Dad!” I yelled.
“Yes, Honey?”
“High school is the best!”
“It is?” they asked.
“It is,” I answered. “It’s not like how they advertise it in the movies. It’s much better than it.”
“I’m glad you enjoyed your day.” They both commented.
“Oh. I did!”