Amazing Kids! Magazine

Best Friends

By Davi Jacobs, Contributing Writer


Katherine and Elizabeth were the best of friends until high school. They met each other when Katherine pulled a leaf out of Elizabeth’s blonde hair in Ms. Smith’s kindergarten class. After that, each year was filled with memories from the time they spent together. In middle school, they found new friends but stayed in touch. Katherine always accepted Elizabeth in her group and made sure her friends did, too. Elizabeth did the same in her group of friends.

On Elizabeth’s 13th birthday, Katherine presented her with a note and a beautiful blue vase. Both girls were back to their old selves that night at Elizabeth’s house. Soon, though, Elizabeth began to care about popularity and sought out friends who did also. She started wearing makeup and dating boys. Katherine asked Elizabeth if her parents allowed her to date, and Elizabeth answered that as long as she was headstrong and made honor roll, they couldn’t care less. While Elizabeth’s group was experimenting with being teenagers, Katherine’s group still had pillow fights at sleepovers. Katherine tried to persuade Elizabeth to act her age, but that did not work. Elizabeth thought her friends were babies, and in return, they thought she was a self-centered brat.

When high school started, Elizabeth had a boyfriend to show off. He was a football player, and she was a cheerleader. The only time Elizabeth came to Katherine was to complain about her life—as if Katherine were her therapist. Whenever Katherine tried to tell her about the happenings in her life, Elizabeth brushed it off by saying, “Later.” But later never came.

High school gossip spreads like wildfire, so Katherine heard that Elizabeth’s boyfriend was cheating on her. She was going to tell Elizabeth but stopped herself. She wouldn’t listen to her anyway.

One day, the phone rang, and Katherine picked it up.


“Katherine? It’s me, Elizabeth.”

There was a pause, and Katherine heard a sniffle.

“Are you okay?”

“No, can you come over?”

“I’m going now,” Katherine answered, and she hung up the phone and ran to Elizabeth’s house. Elizabeth was on her bed, crying into a pillow.

Katherine sat down next to her.

“What happened?”

“Kevin broke up with me.”

Katherine nodded for her to go on.

“I know that he was cheating on me with Kelly, but why? I am so much prettier than she is, and smarter,” she added.

“I’m going through hard times, too. My dad—” Katherine started.

“He’s the cute blond boy, and I’m the cute blonde girl,” Elizabeth interrupted.

She began talking about their time spent together at the ice-skating rink, Starbucks, etc.

Katherine listened patiently and comforted her friend.

“My parents are getting a divorce,” Katherine stated.

“Can you focus on my problem for one minute? I needed a companion to comfort me, but you’re so focused on yourself!” Elizabeth yelled.

“Look who’s talking! You deliberately cut me off every time I chose to,” Katherine said.

“You can leave if you want,” Elizabeth muttered angrily.

Katherine turned and walked out of the room. She bumped into a shelf on the way, and the blue vase fell onto the floor and shattered into pieces. But Katherine did not look back.

Katherine and Elizabeth stayed with their new friends, not even exchanging a greeting in the hallway. Katherine found an interest in acting and became president of the drama club. Elizabeth was voted Most Popular.

Even though they both turned into completely different people. Katherine and Elizabeth still missed each other deep down.

On Katherine’s 15th birthday, she got together with her friends to ice-skate in the morning. Later on, after a birthday dinner and cake, Katherine was exhausted and fell asleep.

She was awoken by her mother, who told her that Elizabeth was downstairs waiting for her. Katherine did not want to see Elizabeth, but curiosity took over, and she went downstairs.

Elizabeth was standing with a card in her hands.

“Hi, Katherine. Happy birthday,” she said shyly.

Katherine smiled at her, said thank you, and took the card.

“I haven’t seen you in a while. I am really sorry about what I said. I hope you have a great birthday,” Elizabeth said, and she walked towards the front door.


Elizabeth turned, and Katherine threw her arms around her.

“Thank you so much. I am sorry for what I said, too. I miss you,” Katherine said.

They hugged again and promised to get together soon.

The following day, Katherine went to Elizabeth’s house.

She and Elizabeth went to her room, and she saw something that made her smile.

The pieces of the broken blue vase were glued together and put back on the shelf from which it fell off. Just like the vase, Katherine thought, their friendship can be fixed.