Amazing Kids! Magazine

Best Friends?

By Allison Stein, age 11, Michigan

The school was doing a new thing, I could tell. Anne Sanders was practicing soccer moves, which was not normal. Usually, Anne only plays basketball. She wins every basketball game she plays, and she loses at any other game. So why was Anne playing soccer? “Anne,” I waved to her. “Why are you playing soccer?”

“Well, the gym teacher is doing something different,” she said. “There are teams of four and partners of two. We get to pick our partners, and I want someone to pick me.” Anne held up a list.

“It looks like I’m on a team with you, Stacey, and Paul,” I said. “Stacey is my best friend. Maybe we can be together.” Just then, Stacey and Paul came over. They had heard of the teams.

“Do you want to be partners, Stacey?” I asked.

“Well, I was going to be partners with Paul,” she cringed. I didn’t blame her. Paul was as fast as a rocket, and my nickname was “Snail”. “But we are best friends,” said Stacey. “So I guess I’ll be with you.”

It was our first game. Stacey went to talk to some other friends afterwards, and Paul and Anne were talking about winning their game. I was sipping on my water, when I overheard Stacey, “She’s worse than I thought; if I played the team alone, I would have won easily. She’s worse than a snail. She’s more like a statue.”

That night, I felt terrible for losing and mad at Stacey for calling me a statue. After all, she was my best friend and my only friend. Anyway, the phone rang, and it was Stacey. At first, I thought she might apologize, but no such luck.

“Allison, the game tomorrow is canceled,” she said.

“Okay,” I replied. “Sorry about the game today.” Stacey hung up on me.

The next day, I went over to the soccer field. I knew the game was canceled, but maybe I could help clean up. But instead of a mess, I saw a soccer game in progress. Stacey and Paul were playing, and Anne was hiding in the corner. “Paul made me pretend to be sick,” she whispered. “He wants to play with Stacey because she’s so fast.”

So Anne and I went to get ice cream and chat about life.

Even if I lost Stacey, I just created a lifelong friendship.