Amazing Kids! Magazine

Blossoming from the Garden

By Natalie Delgado, age 12, Richmond, CA


It was a sunny day in San Pablo. It was 12:01 in the afternoon. Jason was walking around in his neighborhood. Jason really didn’t respect nature that much. He was wearing some black pants and a jacket that was half red, the other half blue. His eyes were a green-reddish blend. Jason met a boy named Kk. He had a red jacket, blue pants and red shoes. Jason came over his house to work on some sketches they made in art class until Jason fell and his phone went flying like a hawk going down for a rat.

“No! My phone!” Jason shouted.

Jason ran out of the house, Kk right behind him.

“Your phone went into the forest!” Kk shouted

Jason and Kk walked closer to the forest. Jason looked at the forest like it was a dead backyard and then turned back.

“Why are you walking back?” Kk asked.

“I don’t want to be in there!!!” shouted Jason.

“Well you have to go if you want your phone back,” said Kk.

Jason looked at Kk like he was crazy and came out of the crazy house. Jason walked a little bit closer.

“I … can’t … Kk,” said Jason.

Kk pushed Jason into the forest. Jason’s eyes lit up like a bright light in the dark. Jason and Kk walked into the forest more until they saw a deer with Jason’s phone in his mouth!

“My phone !!!!!” shouted Jason.

Jason and Kk ran at the deer, and the deer was running away from them. While the deer was running the phone fell out of his mouth. But when it fell, the phone fell right beside a landslide and the water. Jason and Kk had a choice to go through the landslide or the water.

“Let’s take the landslide,” said Jason.

“I don’t know,” said Kk.

“Ok let’s go!!” said Jason.

Jason grabbed Kk by the waist and threw him into the landslide area.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouted Kk.

Kk screamed like there was no tomorrow as he and Jason jumped into the landslide.

“That was not cool Jason I could have gotten killed. Are you crazy?” said Kk.

“Well it could have gone better!” said Jason.

But as they looked at the ground, the water was rising! Jason and Kk tried climbing up, but they couldn’t.

“I …… can’t…… swim!” screamed Kk.

Kk’s face was blushing bright red. Jason saw he was blushing so much because he couldn’t swim even though he was in high school. Jason grabbed Kk’s arm and pushed him up and then he jumped clear of the rising water. Jason looked and saw the phone on the ground across the water.

“Look there it is! Let’s get it!!!” said Jason.

“No wait! We need a well thought out plan if we want to get your phone,” said Kk.

“Well what is it then? How are we going to get it?” asked Jason

Kk looked around to find something to grab. KK grabbed a branch and, reaching into his pocket found some string. He wrapped them all together and threw the branch up a tree, snagging it firmly.

“Grab on!” said Kk.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Kk and Jason shouted.

Jason and Kk fell on the ground like a fly just landed on the ground, on the other side of the water.

“Yuck!” Jason shouted.

“What is it?” asked Kk.

Jason stuck out his tongue and Kk saw that he had a bug in his mouth.

“It tastes like old cheese that has been left out for too long,” Jason said as he picked up the phone.

Suddenly they both heard something. “What is that noise?” asked Jason.

Jason and Kk were both scared to the bone. Jason and Kk could hear owls and bats flying around them. As they stepped back in alarm, they fell into a big ditch that Jason and Kk had not realized was there. Jason and Kk looked up, there was a big forest in front of them!

“What is that? Do you think that is forest towards our house?” asked Jason.

“Yes. That is the forest,” said Kk.

Kk grabbed his hand and ran into the forest. When they reached the edge of the forest and could see their house, Kk sat down and made Jason sit down too. Kk made a flower crown for Jason. It had bright yellow flowers with a bright brown flower in the middle. Jason started to cry.

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” asked Kk.

“I have had no one like you that cares about me that much. My parents and my little brother died in a car crash,” said Jason.

Kk hugged Jason. Jason felt the forest hugging him too. Jason felt a bright light in him that was telling him that it was okay, we are here for you. He knew that it was the voices of his parents and his little brother.

“I promise I will now respect nature,” said Jason.

Jason felt like a flower blossoming in a fresh field of flowers. After that day, Jason and Kk made a garden in the back of Jason’s house. From now on, Jason will respect the beauty of nature.