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By Tanner Laughorn, Age 11, Ohio


It was 97 to 95 in the 4th quarter with 10 seconds left, plenty of time. The Celtics were losing to the Heat. Kevin Garnett inbounds the ball to Rajon Rondo. Rajon brings the ball up, nine, eight, seven. He crosses half court with Dwayne Wade playing really good defense. Rajon knows he doesn’t have much time, three, two and he lets the ball fly and, HE SCORES! Rajon with the buzzer beater to win the game 97 to 98, the final score.

“Yes” said Johnnie Mills, “I finally beat the heat and the makers of NBA 2k12 said that the Heat was unstoppable.”

“It’s time for dinner!” Mrs. Mills yelled.

“Ok mom” Johnnie said. Johnnie put down his controller and went downstairs for dinner.

“Have you finally beaten that game” Mrs. Mills asked. “You’ve been playing that game quite often.”

“Yes I finally beat the Heat, and with my favorite team to, the Celtics!” Johnnie said.

“I’ve never heard of them” said Mrs. Mills.

“Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett?” said Johnnie.

“Nope” said Mrs. Mills.

When Johnnie got back to his room, he couldn’t believe what he saw. On the screen it said YOU HAVE WON 4 FREE TICKETS TO THE BOSTON CELTICS VERSUS MIAMI HEAT GAME. It said that he was the first person to beat Miami Heat. So Johnnie ran downstairs to tell his mom but she said it was a scam. Johnnie didn’t listen to her and gave the Xbox his address.

Two days before the game Johnnie got the tickets.

Mrs. Mills said, “What are these?”

So Johnnie explained how he gave the Xbox there address and how those were the tickets he won.

“I told you not to do that!” said Mrs. Mills, “I told you could be a scam!”

“I couldn’t help it.” said Johnnie. “And besides it isn’t a scam.”

“Even though it wasn’t, I’m still mad at you!” said Mrs. Mills “But not that mad because, IT’S 4 FREE TICKETS! Wait, who are we going to take with us?” “Um duh, your husband and your other son.” Johnnie said.

“I forgot about them,” said Mrs. Mills

“You’re getting too old,” said Johnnie.

“I know,” said Mrs. Mills.

They got there about a day early because if they were late, Mrs. Mills would freak.

“Why did we have to get here so early,” said Johnnie.

“Stop whining,” said Johnnie’s brother, Brian.

“But what are we going to do the whole time Brian?” Johnnie asked.

“We? You mean you.” Brian replied. “I just found out that Tyler is here for the game too, so I’m going to hang out with him.”

“Is Tanner here too?” Johnnie asked excitedly.

“I guess so,” said Brian.

“Finally, something good happened to me,” said Johnnie.

“You mean besides winning 4 free tickets to watch your favorite basketball team play?” asked Brian.

“Exactly!” said Johnnie.

As soon as they got to the hotel, and unpacked, Johnnie and Brian went to Tanner and Tyler’s hotel room. Johnnie and Tanner stayed there because Tanner brought his Xbox 360 but Brian and Tyler went back to Johnnie’s room. They played NBA 2k12 but they both wanted to be the Celtics.

“Can’t we be on the same team?” Tanner asked.

“I think we can,” replied Johnnie. So they finally found how to be on the same team. They faced the Heat and lost badly because it was different playing with someone.

“Let’s face someone easier, like the Kings,” said Tanner.

“Yea, they are pretty bad,” said Johnnie. So Johnnie and Tanner crushed the Kings 98 to 64. Tanner just controlled Rajon Rondo the whole time but Johnnie switched between players. When it was time to go Johnnie asked if he could sleep over at Tanner’s room, and both of their parents said yes.

In the morning, Johnnie went back to his room because they had to go to the game. Tanner and Brian switched tickets so Tanner could sit next to Johnnie and Brian could sit next to Tyler. They weren’t too far away from each other so it really didn’t matter. While the players were warming up, Tanner and Johnnie went to get some snacks and drinks.

“Where do you want to go?” asked Tanner.

“How about Dairy Queen?” replied Johnnie.

“Yea, that’s what I was thinking,” said Tanner. Johnnie and Tanner both got an XL Oreo Blizzard.

When they got back from Dairy Queen, the game was about to start. Johnnie and Tanner were so excited.

“This is going to be the best game ever!” said Johnnie.

“Yeah!” replied Tanner.

Before the game Johnnie and Tanner made a bet with Brian and Tyler. The bet was on who was going to win the game. Johnnie and Tanner had the Celtics winning but Brian and Tyler had the Heat winning. Mr. and Mrs. Mills said the Heat was probably going to win, but they weren’t in the bet.

It was opening tipoff, Kevin Garnett versus Chris Bosh. Kevin Garnett wins the jump ball and Rajon Rondo brings it up. Dwayne Wade gets the steal but Rajon came out of nowhere and blocks Dwayne’s shot and it goes out of bounds, Heats ball. Chris inbounds the ball to LeBron James, he gets the outside shot and gets the three. Rajon brings it up, he drives through the lane, puts it up and scores, and goes to the line for an extra point…

It was the end of the 1st quarter. The score is 20 to 27, the Heat is winning and it’s the Heat’s ball. Chris inbounds the ball to LeBron James. LeBron takes the ball up, he sees an opening, drives and scores. Rajon brings it up, passes down low to Jermaine O’Neal and he puts it up for two… there is two minutes left in the second quarter. Rajon brings it up, drives but passes it out to Ray Allen, Ray Allen with the jump shot, but gets the brick

It was the end of the 2nd quarter. The score was 61 to 59, the Celtics are winning. It was a high scoring game. Johnnie and Tanner went to the restroom and when they came back the game was about to continue.

It was the Celtics ball. This time Ray Allen brings it up. He passes it out to Paul Pierce, he shoots, and scores for three. Chris inbounds the ball to LeBron. LeBron passes it to Dwayne, Dwayne pulls up but it bounces off the rim and out of nowhere, LeBron comes and slams it down…

It was the end of the 3rd quarter. The score was 79 to 79, Heat’s ball. Chris inbounds the ball to Dwayne Wade. Dwayne swings it to LeBron. LeBron sends it down low to Dexter Pittman. Dexter puts it up, scores and goes to the foul line for an extra point. He made the foul shot for the three point play. Rajon brings it up. He passes it out to Ray Allen, he shoots, and he scores for three.

There is thirty seconds left in the 4th quarter, it’s 97 to 95, the Heat is winning and it’s their ball.

“This is just like my game on NBA 2k12 and I won!” said Johnnie.

“Really?” Tanner asked.

“Yea, that’s how I got my tickets,” replied Johnnie.

“Oh, my parents just gave me my ticket,” said Tanner. Just as the conversation ended the game started.

Chris inbounds he ball to LeBron. LeBron passes it up to Dwayne Wade, they’re just stalling. Dwayne passes it out to Chris Bosh. Chris passes it back to LeBron. LeBron sees an opening, he drives and he misses with thirteen seconds left. Kevin Garnet gets the rebound and outlets it to Rajon Rondo. Three seconds left, he shoots, HE SCORES! The Celtics beat the Heat!

When Johnnie and Tanner finally went out to their car, they said goodbye.


Next Year

“Mom, can you take me to the videogame store?” asked Johnnie.

“Why, what are you going to get?” asked Johnnie’s mom.

“NBA2k13, please, please, please?” answered Johnnie.

“Here we go again,” said Johnnie’s mom exhaustedly.