Amazing Kids! Magazine

Chasing the Wilson Dogs

By Daniela Garcia, age 11, California


It all started one sunny Sunday, 4th of July afternoon. My friend Wendy and I were walking along Garvin Avenue. As we approached the grocery store to buy ice cream for ourselves, a soft warm breeze kissed our face and made the shiny green grass in the neighborhood slow dance with each other. We also noticed fully bloomed red roses, tulips and daisies. Pit-bulls barked at us like huge monsters. We could smell freshly baked bread from a new bakery in our neighborhood. I felt sensational.

Wendy is a 5 foot tall, 11 year-old girl who’s skinny in a good way. Her hair color is black as printer ink, her skin is cinnamon brown, and her tree bark brown eyes are as big as red apples. She was wearing a red skirt with a flowered belt, ocean blue boots, and pink pants with flowers. Her eyes seemed to be saying, “You look FABULOUS!”

While we were walking, we heard a loud scream coming from the Wilsons’ house. Two huge, golden yellow Labrador dogs ran out of the front door of the Wilsons’ house to chase an ice cream truck driving down the street.

Suddenly we looked at each other and began to chase the dogs that were chasing the ice cream truck.  Although I really wanted to go to the store, I thought that catching the dogs would be the best thing to do for the Wilson family.

Mr. Wilson screamed at his dogs all the way from the house, “Lili! Carla!  Get back here RIGHT NOW!”

We could see sweat dripping off of Mr. Wilson’s face.  If fear has a look, his face would’ve been it.  He looked worried.  So was I.

Then Wendy and I started to catch up to the dogs. All of a sudden one of the dogs turned left and the other one turned right. So, Wendy turned left to chase one of the dogs, and I turned right to chase the other dog. However, I eventually lost both Wendy and the dog she was chasing. When I finally caught the dog I was chasing, I returned it to its owner.

When I began to look for Wendy, I first looked for her at her house.  She wasn’t there.  Then I looked in the park and grocery store across the street from the park. She wasn’t there, either. After looking for her all afternoon, I finally gave up and went home.

As I walked through my front door, I saw her sitting on the edge of my sofa next to the dog she was chasing. She was rubbing his head and smiling. When I told her all the places that I looked for her, she began to laugh really loud.  We both had a good laugh at that moment. We then left to reunite the Wilsons with their second dog.