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Chocolate in My Heart

By Sehen Dilkush Gamhewa, Age 12, Kuwait


I had no idea why they were standing there… There were two of them, and they were standing just opposite our farm as I played with my adorable friend Choco. I kept on playing until dusk, when I sadly had to go back home. As I stopped on the front porch, the matter of the two guys remained in my head, bouncing everywhere, but I didn’t get what the big deal was all about, and so without much care, I just strolled home.

As soon as I walked in, I was hit by a big white wall—Vanilla, my dog. But I’m sure you are wondering who Choco is. I’ll tell you who he is in a moment.

We live in a farm, in the middle of a small jungle next to a long river. Surprisingly, I’ve found out that there isn’t a single wild and dangerous animal in our jungle. Every day after school, I go to the fields with my father for one hour of very hard, gritty and sweaty work. Once, at the corner of our field, while I was pulling up some flax stems, I encountered a shy baby deer. Naturally, I tried to stroke it, but it ran away. Eventually, he started accepting food from me. But our bond didn’t stop there, and it developed to such a height that he now waits, eagerly watching, until I come home each day!

Choco has no parents. I discovered this one day when I followed him home and, alas!, he had no parents and his home was a clearing with a little hay where he laid down and slept. Choco is also a chocoholic, so you probably know why I named him Choco.

I can’t live without Choco and he can’t live without me, it’s true; in fact, nothing has ever been truer.

That night, Choco probably went to his clearing. Me, I was at home and in bed, but my mind was still with the road and the men. There was something suspicious about them. Why did they come to spy on us? Why all of a sudden?

I quickly jumped out of bed and asked my dad, “Dad I saw two men looking at me and Choco, and they were gazing at Choco intently. You know them, right…?” I said this with an emotion I never experienced before: fear with a bit of uncertainty.

“No, son, but they must have just been surprised at the tameness of Choco, so it’s nothing to lose sleep on. So go sleep now son.” Dad hugged me and patted me on the back. I always feel more relieved when I talk with mom or dad, but that suspicion still lingered. Nevertheless, I went upstairs like a good boy and immediately fell asleep.

The next morning, I quickly dressed for school and ran like the wind. I was so impatient to meet Choco that I was sent out of the class half a dozen times for not answering the teacher. As soon as the bugle for the end of school blasted, I ran like a madman straight back to my house.

“Choco! I’m home!” I shouted out, loud enough for the whole world to hear. But there was no Choco playfully bounding up to me. Why? Choco usually stops whatever he’s doing as soon as he hears my voice, and gallops straight to me.

My confusions didn’t last long as that white wall slammed into me again, running excitedly all over the place with a worried face.

“Vanilla, calm down already!” He didn’t heed my order, and instead bounded forward to where I had last been playing with Choco. I got up and limped over to the spot, and to my horror there was some ash and a Coca-Cola can. “Oh, no!”

I was sure of it. The 2 guys had taken MY CHOCO! Blind fury came over me, and my next words were, “Vanilla, find Choco.” I was furious. MY CHOCO, my mind was shouting. I’ll show those thieves, just wait you detestable thieves, I’ll show you! My mind was uncontrollable as I followed Vanilla in his search for Choco.

We finally reached the place; it was a grand house, with an open gate. Vanilla jumped in, and I followed him.

“Choco!” I shouted. A little yelp was all I heard.

“Choco,” I whispered, but was it him? All of a sudden, a man and a black dog started chasing us, so we skedaddled.

The next day I was back, alone this time. The black dog was in a cage, and I caught a glimpse of Choco. I was running to the pole to which he was tied when I tripped. I looked skyward and that same man was there.

“Got a problem, sonny?” he grinned.

I furiously replied, “Give me back my deer!”

“Wassat?” he said, as if he couldn’t hear.

“Give me back my deer!”

And soon, I was thrown out.

I snuck back home secretly and got into bed, miraculously, without anyone noticing. My first thoughts in bed were, “I must rescue Choco! Who knows what they’ll do to him?”

Then I formed a plan of action: “I’d better get my cousin’s help—he’s a good chess player, so I reckon he’s smart.”

The next day at school, I met my older cousin. “Cousin,” I called him, and told him everything I knew. We went on talking for hours and hours, at school and at home. Finally, a brainstorm got us our master plan….

The sun was sinking down and there wasn’t much light about, so we went to the grand house where Choco was kept. I showed my cousin where the back fence was, so that when the dog started barking, he could slip through the fence and rescue Choco.

I slowly crept to the front gate and immediately got both men’s attention when I yelled, “Hey, you blue-faced baboons!” That definitely made their faces go red, and both of them and the dog exploded in a run. I ran like the wind, but slowed down at times so they could catch up, before speeding off again.

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Meanwhile, my cousin had done a great job of cutting the rope, cutting it so that it went into a bush, which would probably lead the thieves to believe the deer had gone into the bush. We soon raced back to my home where we celebrated.

He went home at dusk, while I was hugging Choco to death. “I’ll never let you get captured again and I will keep you safe forever,” I whispered to Choco, and at that moment, I was hit by an idea—I could keep Choco at home. No one could get him then. For the first time, I let Choco into my room, and let him sleep on a rug propped with cushions while I slept in the bed.

Now, every single day, Choco is found bounding about my place, and so we play every day and live happily together.


  1. Alyssa /

    I like your storie because it was so sweet

  2. Jalynne /

    I like it it’s veery sweet.