Amazing Kids! Magazine

Christmas on Douglass Street

By Jeremy Franco, Age 11, California


It was Christmas Eve, and I could not wait for Christmas for two reasons: I wanted to be with my family, and I wanted to eat as much as I could during the Christmas Eve party.  I planned to wait until the party started to eat my first meal that day. So, all day I was as hungry as a grizzly bear. Outside, I could hear cars stopping and leaving, and birds singing different melodies.

During breakfast I asked my mom where we were going.

“We are going to Wal-Mart to buy some food for the party, like chicken salad and ranch dressing. Also, we will get some clothes for your uncle at the Hilltop Mall.”

I did not like to go to the mall because my mom always gets distracted when she sees offers and discounts like a moth eats clothes. But I had to go since no one was at home. So, we went to the mall in a flash. It was not that crowded, I thought it would be a stampede of people going store to store. We just went to Wal-Mart and bought my uncle a jacket and fresh salad for the party. We finally went home. Although there were some problems, I was entertained.

A few hours later my mom decided to take us to her best friend’s house to celebrate Christmas. Olga’s house was about two houses away, so making it there would be a walk in the park. When we finally made it there, we were very surprised to see many people from our church were celebrating with Olga. Most people there were adults, but in the living room I saw my friend Chooey playing “Call of Duty Zombies” on the PS3 with the pastor’s son. They made it to round five. I went after and lasted three rounds alone. Then we decided to watch a scary movie, but little kids came so we had to watch a kid’s movie. So, we watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3. I only saw the beginning, and then started to watch scary videos that give me goose bumps. After that, to get over those scary videos, I watched Minecraft trolling. I laughed like a hyena most of the night. When it was 11:30, everyone got together and sang soothing songs. When it was almost 12:00 we did a countdown out loud like wolves howling at night.

“3, 2, 1, Merry CHRISTMAS!” yelled everyone. We all laughed and hugged.

Then it was time to give out presents to each other. Many people got presents. Then my mom’s friend told me she had a present for me. She went to go get it. I got a little suspicious because she was taking too long to find my present.

When she came back with nothing she said, “Sorry, I cannot find your gift. It was like a needle in a hay stack.”

I was disappointed because I would not get a gift for Christmas. When it was time to go home someone told me to stop. It was my mom’s friend! She gave me an envelope. I opened it. To my surprise it was $15. She said that was my gift, it turns out that it was actually in her jacket this whole time. She felt silly. We said goodbye and left.

On Christmas morning I got even more gifts. This Christmas was a great hit this year. I hope this happens again.