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Cindermouse (a mousy adaptation of Cinderella)

By April Griese, age 12, Florida


Once upon a time, in the kingdom of mice, there lived a simple farmer with his wife and daughter. The daughter’s name was Rosie, and she was the most beautiful mouse in the kingdom. Rosie had pure white fur, shining blue eyes, and was very kind and graceful.

Unfortunately, one day Rosie’s mother caught some sort of unnamed illness, and soon died. Her father soon remarried since he knew his little girl would need a mother. But he did not pick well, and Rosie’s father had no idea how much trouble her new stepmother would cause his dear daughter. He never did know, for he also died soon after the wedding and poor Rosie became an orphan.

Rosie’s stepmother was a practical cat! (That is a mouse’s way of saying mean.) She made poor Rosie work all day, and Rosie’s new stepsisters were no help at all. Rosie’s stepmother soon started calling Rosie “Cindermouse” because she was always gray from cleaning the fireplace so much and getting sooty.

Late on, a royal mouse ball was issued, for the beautiful mouse queen wanted her son to marry someone worthy of the crown. On the day of the ball, Cindermouse was crying in her room because she couldn’t go to the ball. Suddenly, there was a whoosh of light, and a beautiful fairymouse appeared!

“I am your fairy god-mother-mouse. And I will help you go to the ball!” First she gave Cindermouse a beautiful carriage that had four white beetles pulling it. Then, she gave Cindermouse a lovely gown. Cindermouse climbed into the carriage and rode off to the royal ball.

When she got there, every mouse was “oohing” and “aahing” over her beautiful gown. The evil stepmother and stepmice didn’t recognize Rosie, but they became suspicious when she started dancing with the mouse Prince. Rosie danced and danced until midnight. Then she realized the spell was wearing off, so she started running away from the prince’s arms. Rosie barely made it to her house, and on the way accidently dropped one of her glass slippers.

The next morning, Rosie was dusting the stepmice’s bedroom, and she found a magic potion. “Drink to look like a mouse,” it said. Cindermouse gasped. So the stepmice were actually something else! She looked awhile, until she found the antidote to the potion. Rosie had a plan. Later, when the prince came to her home looking for the owner of the slipper, Rosie dumped the antidote over the evil stepmice (or whatever they were) and they instantly turned into cats! The prince’s soldiers put Rosie’s step-family in mouse jail, and Cindermouse (Rosie) lived happily ever after with her Prince Mouse Charming.

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  1. Shirley Conley /

    Congratulations, April. What a great job:)