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Cody and the Secret Treasure

By Madeleine Schuyler, age 8, Newport News, VA


Mr. Tentacles, the squid, opened the door to the closet and there, sitting on the floor, was a locked chest. He opened the chest and someone appeared behind him.

It was a hooded figure. He snapped his fingers and Mr. Tentacles disappeared. The hooded figured looked inside the chest. Inside was a small black box and in it was a shining silver diadem that lit up the whole closet. Carved on top of the glittering tiara was a symbol not unlike an archway. Etched into its side were the words, “The treasure you seek is in the deep where darkness falls-”

“Cody! Cody, wake up!”

“What? Oh yeah, thanks Chrysilla.”

“Cody! We are going to be late! We are going to the beach. Remember? Here!”

Cody yawned as his best friend tossed him his extra clothes, towel, bathing suit, and goggles.

“Your surfboard is downstairs,” Chrysilla told Cody as he threw on his trunks and she helped sunscreen him.

“Come on Cody! Mommy is waiting!” cried Missy, Cody’s little sister.

“Here, have a toaster tart in the car Cody,” said Cody’s mom. “Everyone else already ate.”

“Okay Mom, I’m ready.”

When they got to the beach, Cody and Chrysilla said “Hi” to the triplets, Piper, Betsy, Parvati, and their friends, Molly, Angela, Lavender, Bonny, Lucy, Marigold, Turquoise, and Franklin.

“Hi guys!” they all said, excited to see them.

As Cody and Chrysilla walked towards the ocean, they saw a beautiful coral reef. Sticking out of the water was a tentacle, waving around, and around.

“Wow!” Chrysilla exclaimed. “Look Cody! Lets get a closer look!”


When they got close, they both grabbed the tentacle and it pulled them under. But instead of hitting the ocean floor, they melted right through it. Instead of the squid coming with them, he swerved above the sea floor.

“Chrysilla, where are we?”

“We are in an air pocket.”

“Wow!” Cody said. “This is amazing!”

“Yeah!”’ said Chrysilla. “Wait! Look at this! It’s a coin! Look at this symbol!” It was the arched gateway symbol from the dream!

” know that symbol!” said Cody.

“You do? Where did you see it?”

“From the dream I had last night! I think we’re supposed to find this treasure!”

“Wow, I’ve never been on a treasure hunt before Cody!”

“’m excited too, Chrysilla!”

“Okay Cody, what else did you learn from the dream?”

“By the symbol it said ‘The treasure you seek, is in the deep, where darkness falls-‘  and I didn’t find out the rest.”

“Well, I think I know where the treasure might be. Come on Cody, lets go!”

“Where are we going Chrysilla?”

“We are going to jellyfish cove where the plankton, the jellyfish, and the glow fish live.”

“So where is jellyfish cove?”

“Right over there, follow me.”

Chrysilla dove into the water and Cody dove in after her.

“Chrysilla, why is it called jellyfish cove?’’

“Because, the plankton, the jellyfish and the glow fish, they glow bright green, but some of the jellyfish are giant, and the giant ones glow bright pink, bright yellow, and bright blue.”

“Oh! We’re here! Cody? Where are you?”

“Ouch!’’ Cody said.

“Cody, you have to be careful around giant glowing jellyfish!’’

The jellyfish came close to them.

“Cody, what did you do?”

“Uh, I pulled one of their tentacles.”

“Cody, what have you done? Uh-oh. Cody, run! I mean, swim! But still, go!”

Cody and Chrysilla swam, and swam, until they came to a pit, and at the bottom, was a treasure chest and in it were rubies, diamonds, jewels, pearls, diadems, gold coins and more!

When they got back to the beach they told their family and friends about their adventure and showed them their treasure!


  1. Madeleine Schuyler /

    Thanks Katie! I like it too!I am excited to see you soon! 🙂 🙂

  2. Katie McMahon /

    That is a great story and you are an excellent writer.