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Controller Hero

By Ayla Sperrazza, age 11


Chapter 1 – 4th Grade

It was a regular boring day at Greensfield Elementary School. It was recess and it was the same thing every day, kids chasing each other in the park, the boys playing basketball on the blacktop, the mean girls leaned against the school’s brick red wall, chatting about the most recent gossip. Anya was someone who you would think was an unpopular geek. She wore her mousey brown hair down all the time, and her clothes weren’t all that fabulous. She would always tell people she loved video games and talk about the wonderful world of technology. No one listened, she felt there was no reason to play outside because she had no friends. She just stayed in and read. When her teacher Ms. Lavell sent her to play outside. Anya always thought it would be better to feed her to the wolves. Fourth grade girls were mean.

The moment she exited the building they, the mean girls, sneered and said, “Who is she, and what is she wearing? Oh my gosh, that outfit looks terrible!” Then, they went back to whispering into each other’s ears.

Fourth grade was hard. Anya looked down at the floor and walked away.  She was used to this treatment, but she wanted it to stop.

After school, Anya took the bus. It was not a delightful place at all. The bus seemed to be overflowing with kids. The kids were disrespectful and hard to deal with. Especially, the three girls in row nine, the seat right behind hers. Every single day she received a complaint dealing with her backpack smelling like a cat. When Anya came home from school, she clomped up to her bedroom without bothering to say hello to her parents. Her room was dim, in a dark shade of purple.

Anya wanted to escape and her way out was to play video games. So she picked up the controller, but she wanted to play something new. Anya went up to the attic and found a wooden box that read, CONTROLLER HERO! DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. WE MEAN IT! Anya thought the people who made this mysteriously dangerous game were just joking. So, she carried the box to her room.

When she took it the game out Anya scanned the back to find that the game was about soldiers in jet black armor with glowing orange power stripes fighting aliens called space mongers and their king. When Anya set up the game, there was a switch and it read, DO NOT PRESS THIS SWITCH. At first, Anya had to think about it. Then she pressed it. Anya had warped into the game!

Anya found herself standing in front of an angry looking commander. He barked, “Where is the Alien King?” Terrified, Anya fainted…

Chapter 2 – Controller Hero

Anya woke up in a metal room hard as iron. There was barely any light except a sliver coming from a small window. Anya felt cold and all alone.

There was a knock at the door and a short, lanky man entered the room. He was carrying a data pad and mumbling to himself. He introduced himself as Officer Rossander. “The commander wants to see you” he said. “Please come with me”.

Anya followed the officer down a long corridor until they came to the command room door.  The doors opened. The command room was packed with people moving at a frantic pace back and forth. Commander Sytec stood at a center console. He was staring at a light map, planning his next assault. Anya was brought before the large, iron-like figure.

He asked, “Where is the Alien King?”

Anya looked puzzled, and then replied, “What king are you talking about?”

Commander Sytec explained, he said that a flash of light appeared and the Alien King disappeared only to be replaced by her. “So?” the commander said impatiently. “Where is the Alien King?”

Anya couldn’t believe it. She explained who she was and where she came from.  She also explained that to her, the world that she was in now was called the video game world.  The world that she usually lived in was the world of reality – the real world. Sytec believed her.

Anya paused, then concluded worriedly, “If I am here… The Alien King must be in my world!”

Chapter 3 – First Strike

A screeching alarm went off in the command room. Red lights glared.

“Take the girl to her cell. They’re attacking from the front! Forward!”

The men replied, “Yes sir!”

Anya, was being led down a corridor of prison block cells at the back of the giant spaceship, the Dawnlight. Anya passed a hanger bay when something caught her eye. The guards were about to lock her in her cell when the steel exit door was blasted open. The guards covered their faces but were caught in the blast. Anya was thrown to the side. The enemy was attacking from the rear of the ship. Anya, terrified, reacted on instinct and dashed as fast as she could until she reached the end of the corridor. There, she found an alarm switch right outside the doors. Anya managed to pull the switch to notify Commander Sytec and his attack squad.  The halls were littered with smoke and debris from the explosion. Chunks of steel lay scattered across the floor. Through the smoke Anya saw…a strong, repulsive figure with the head of a serpent entered the room. Its neck had something that looked like a giant snake slithering out of it. It wore a bulky gray suit of armor that made it so tall it had to crouch to fit through the six-foot doorway. Its face was a sickly green, and it had a horizontal mouth had hundreds of jagged teeth. Large globs of drool fell past its knees.

When Anya looked behind, she found that a Space Monger officer was right in front of her, his energy weapon charging. He was ready to shoot. Just then Commander Sytec dashed in and punched the Space Monger, saving Anya from certain death. Commander Sytec and his squad then proceeded to clear the hangar. The commander did not even bother to ask if Anya was okay.

Anya shouted at the commander, “Why isn’t there anyone guarding the rear entrance?!”

Commander Sytec turned, puzzled. He then replied, “This is not normal. They always come through the front of the ship.”

Anya thought to herself, Here is where I can help. “There is something called tactics in my world that might help you win this battle.”

“What is this tactics you speak of?” Commander Sytec asked impatiently.

“Tactics are planned maneuvers or strategies used in wars. Instead of going straight forward with no plan and wasting your men. You should put some men in the back of the ship. In the games I play at home, you have to be prepared for any situation.”

“You might be useful,”  Commander Sytec said before he exited the room.

He sighed, and then mumbled, “They always attack from the front.”

Chapter 4 – The Gauntlet

The next morning, Commander Sytec called Anya to the command room. “Anya, the only way to get you home is to use the portal at the enemy base. You have to get to the center of the enemy lair and that requires you to accomplish two impossible challenges. We call those challenges…The Gauntlet.”

Anya didn’t seem like she was listening. Suddenly a guard entered the room.

“Sir, we’re there,” the guard stated.

Anya all of a sudden snapped awake. “There, where?” Anya asked.

“You’ll see,” Commander Sytec said. Anya followed the commander out of the ship into a battlefield full of gray rocks and hills. Commander Sytec took out a pair of high-tech binoculars and looked off into the distance. “Darn it.” Commander Sytec sighed.

“What’s the matter?” Anya asked.

“Look.” Commander Sytec handed Anya the binoculars. Anya saw a huge creature guarding a large gate. “That’s an Aggressor,” the commander stated.

The Aggressor was a giant tank on two legs. It had large rocket launchers on its shoulders and it was covered in heavy plated purple armor. Its armor made it as tall as three elephants stacked on top of each other. Its hands were replaced with huge, powerful missile launchers. On its head was a dark purple mangled helmet that covered almost all of its face, only revealing one blood red eye.

The commander said, “Getting rid of that, is the first challenge”

Chapter 5 – The First Challenge

Commander Sytec told Anya that they have never beaten the Aggressor. They were always destroyed before getting close enough to do any significant damage. This being said Anya sat all morning thinking of a plan. As one came, she said out loud “We need a decoy!”  She quickly explained the plan to the commander and it was set into motion.

Anya chose a soldier to ride a fast vehicle to aggravate and lure the Aggressor. The “Rabbit” was a fast four wheeled ATV. It sped toward the Aggressor weaving back and forth.  It got the aggressors attention and it started to follow the speedy vehicle. The ATV led the mechanized beast into a ravine where it was surrounded by high rocks on both sides. This is where Commander Sytec and his troops waited for the monster to get into position.

“Hit him with everything you got!” Anya shouted to the soldiers.

Soldiers popped up from behind the rocks and unleashed a hail storm of rockets and grenades lighting up the Aggressor with explosions. The Aggressor screeched in pain not knowing who to attack first. The battle was over in minutes and not one soldier was lost. The first challenge was completed.

Chapter 6 – 300 vs 1,000,000

“Congratulations, Anya,” Commander Sytec said. Anya thanked him and asked, “You said there were two challenges. What’s the next challenge?”

“I thought you would ask. The first task was simple compared to the one ahead of us,” Commander Sytec replied as he glanced over the hill and stared at an enormous rock-face in the distance. There was a light coming from the crack down the center of the rock, it looked as if the mountain was splitting in half.

Anya gazed over the hill as well. “Why is the ground moving?” Anya asked.

“It’s not moving. That’s one million space mongers we have to get through to get to the portal.”

“You’ve gotta be kidding me!!!” Anya exclaimed.

“What are you going to plan for that?” Commander Sytec asked.

“How many troops do we have?” Anya inquired.

“300,” Commander Sytec said, pitifully.

Anya thought hard. At first, she thought it was hopeless, 300 vs 1 million. Anya thought even harder. Then an idea came. She realized this situation was very similar to what she was learning in school. At the time she was studying Greek history and the Battle of Thremopylae.

“I’ve got it!” Anya exclaimed.

“What is it?” Commander Sytec asked.

“We have to take the path where their numbers won’t matter. If we form a wedged shape formation with your tanks called a phalanx, we might have a chance.” Anya said.

“How exactly is that going to help get to the crack in the mountain?”

“The phalanx is an arrow shape formation.  We can plow a path through the enemy,” Anya explained. “Once we reach the crack, the high walls will protect us and their numbers won’t matter.”

Commander Sytec thought it over for a second and agreed. Soon all of the tanks were arranged and ready to go through the alien horde ahead of them.

Anya hopped onto the lead tank and shouted as loud as she could, “Forward! Don’t stop till we are in the crack!”

The tank phalanx drove at full speed, firing their guns. The aliens tried to break the line but the tanks were moving too fast. The aliens broke like glass against the massive attack force.

The phalanx soon was at the entrance of the crack in the mountain, where they were protected by the high mountain walls forcing the enemy into the narrow channel. The tanks reversed their turrets and created a wall of gunfire. This acted as a shield holding off the alien horde.

Anya shouted. “Hold them off till we get to the portal!”

Just then, Commander Sytec lifted Anya out of the tank and ran toward the alien castle. The king was not there, so getting to the portal would be easy. Commander Sytec and Anya entered the throne room. The room had a purple glow which came from the portal that swirled right before them. The two of them jumped in and the alien horde froze.

Chapter 7 – Home

“Ha ha ha! This world is mine!” the Alien King shouted.

“Not today.” Commander Sytec said charging through the portal, grabbing the Alien King and lifting him over his head.

“What? How did you beat the game so quickly?” the Alien King asked astounded.

Commander Sytec looked down at Anya and smiled, “Well, I had a little help.”

Commander Sytec hurled the Alien King into the portal and smiled at Anya one last time before disappearing into the portal.

“Thanks for everything,” Anya said. But Commander Sytec was already gone. The portal closed in front of Anya’s tv screen which was now saying: Game Over. Thank You for Playing.

The next day at school, the recess bell rang. Anya decided to play outside. When she opened the school’s double doors, she went about hearing the chatty girls on the school’s brick walls. All four of them whispered into each other’s ears. “Oh my gosh, what is she wearing? It looks hideous on her!”

Anya turned around and in a commanding voice replied, “Actually!  This is one of my favorite outfits. Is there anything else you want to say to me?” Anya was so loud that the whole playground stopped and stared at the four girls, who were shocked and embarrassed. Anya stepped closer and gazed into each of their eyes. “You should learn. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.” The girls, who were speechless, nodded and walked away.

Anya smiled. And from that day on, Anya was never bullied again.