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Dangerous Creature

By Sharath Chandra Kandlakunta, Texas


Once upon a time, there lived a poor old woman, Lara, in a village bordering the woods, and she was a woodcutter.

One day, a heavy downpour created devastating floods, and the villagers stayed in their houses.

When the rain stopped on the next day, Lara went into the woods to collect the dropped fruits.

“Can anybody save us?” shouted someone in a panicky voice.

Lara looked hither and thither and said, “Where are you?”

“In the old well, near the pine tree.”

Lara went to the pine tree and peered into the well; she saw a fallen man, a black bear, a Timber Rattlesnake, a massive Lion, and a Jaguar in the muddy well.

“Please save us,” said the Lion.

Why didn’t the Lion eat others? Lara thought for a while. She said, “I’ll try to save the man but not others.”

“Why?” asked the Lion.

“If I save you, you’ll eat me.”

“No, I don’t. Please rescue me,” begged the Lion.

“Madam, please also protect me. I’ll not eat you,” requested the Jaguar.

“How can I believe?”

“I’ve gratitude; please believe in me,” said Jaguar.

“I don’t harm you, madam,” said the bear.

“I don’t bite you, and please help me,” said the snake.

Anyway, I’m old, and I don’t know how many years I live. If they kill me, nothing will happen as I don’t have anyone in the world. So, let me help them, thought Lara. She said, “Please wait, I’ll bring a rope.”

Everybody nodded.

She ran to her house, brought a rope, tied one end to the pine tree, and tossed the second end into the well. She also dragged a long log and arranged it in the well in a slanting direction.

Everybody came out and thanked wholeheartedly.

“Say your thanks to the God. I just did my duty as a human being,” said she.

“If you need any help, please come to me; I’ll surely help,” said everyone. The group gave their addresses and left.

The days passed. One day, when Lara went into the woods collecting the firewood, a python jumped abruptly on her and started squeezing her to kill.

“Help…Help…” shouted she.

The Jaguar roared from a short distance, rushed towards Lara, and lacerated Python’s body with its sharp claws to save Lara.

“Thanks for saving my life,” said Lara with tearful eyes.

“Madam, say thanks to God as I just did fundamental duty.”

One day, Lara fell ill and didn’t go the woods. On the night, the bear came to her house and understood her condition.

“Madam, as I had not found you in the woods, I came to see you. Wait, I’ll come in a few minutes,” said the bear.

Immediately, he rushed into the forest and came back with medicinal leaves, honey, and fruits. He pressed the leaves with honey and water; prepared a medicine; and gave it to Lara for consumption.

Lara took medicine, ate the fruits, and slept.

Lara became active by the next afternoon and thanked the bear.

“Say thanks to God,” said the bear.

When Lara got ready with her ax, the bear said, “Please take rest for two days. I’ll bring the food for you.”

“Hey, no need. I’ll bring the firewood and sell it to buy the food.”

“No, madam, please stay at home till you become healthy. I’ll bring barley, corn, and fruits for you. Just for two days,” said the bear.

Lara hated depending on others, yet she accepted to respect the bear’s words.

After a few weeks, when she was cutting the firewood in the woods, she heard a noise from a near distance. She hid behind an oak tree and understood that the bandits tied the wayfarers to trees.

“Hey, give us your jewelry and money,” shouted a bandit.

“Please leave us,” cried a man.

“You had sensed us and hidden your money somewhere in the forest. Am I correct? If you don’t give, we’ll kill you and take,” said another robber.

“No…please leave us…” a woman cried.

A bandit whipped her, and she screamed in pain.

As Lara remembered Lion lived in a cave at a proximal distance, she ran to the cave and called the Lion.

The Lion came, wished her, and invited.

“Please save those innocents,” said Lara and pointed towards the robber’s direction.

The Lion roared and ran towards the bandits and killed them.

The wayfarers started shivering on seeing the Lion.

Lara came and said, “Don’t worry, the Lion came to save you.” She untied them from the trunks of the trees.

They thanked the Lion.

Lion said, “Say thanks to her as I came to show my gratitude.” He turned to Lara and said, “Madam, you can come to my house at any time.”

Lara smiled and nodded her head, and the Lion went to his cave.

The travelers praised Lara, and their leader gave a diamond to her.

“Sorry, I don’t want anything,” said Lara.

“Madam, we’re merchants, and we can’t fix the price to your timely help. You saved not only our goods but also our lives. Please accept it as a token of our love.”

She took the diamond after lots of requests from them.

As Lara started losing strength in her arms to cut and carry the firewood, she had decided to sell the diamond. So, she traveled to the town, went to the house of the man whom she saved from the well, and knocked on his door.

The man observed her from the window and thought, Why did she come to my house? For any help? She looks penniless. Does she need money? Why should I lose money? If she asks money, I must tell a lie to escape.

He prepared his wife and sent her to Lara.

She opened the door and questioned Lara by raising eyebrows.

Lara explained about her acquaintance with the man.

“Mm…So, on that day, you had the opportunity to save my husband from the soggy well?”

“Yes, madam. I came here to ask help.”

“You see, don’t consider yourself as a kind-hearted woman. Whoever stayed in your place on that day, they would have done the same. What’s your specialty? Why should we help you?” asked she.

Lara felt sorry and left.

The husband praised his wife.

After a few hours, he came to know from one of his friends that Lara came to sell a diamond. Then, he rushed and met Lara in the street.

He greeted and welcomed her to his house.

She didn’t complain about his wife and said, “Sir, I want to sell a diamond. Can you please help me to meet a reliable merchant?”

“Yeah, sure. I know a trader, but he went to his hometown and is coming tomorrow. Please come and stay with us as our guest; tomorrow, I’ll take you to his shop.”

“Thanks for your invitation, sir. But I stay in a hotel.”

“Oh, no. You saved my life, and why don’t you give me an opportunity to welcome you to my house?”

He forced her with his gentle words; finally, she agreed to his invitation with a fearful heart.

They went to his home.

“She’s our special guest. Let’s plan an amazing dinner tonight,” said he to his wife. He went to the market to bring food.

“I’m sorry for my rude words, madam; please don’t tell my husband about my earlier behavior. As I was not in a good mood, I used harsh words,” his wife apologized to Lara.

Innocent Lara believed her, felt happy, and said, “Oh, leave it, madam.”

They had a delicious supper and slept. As the couple mixed a drug in Lara’s food, she slept unconsciously.

The couple took Lara’s diamond and replaced it with an artificial glass, looking exactly like the original piece.

The next day, they met the diamond merchant; he tested it and announced that it was fake.

Lara returned to her village with consternation and met the Snake unexpectedly on the route.

Snake greeted her and inquired about her sad face. Lara explained about the bogus diamond.

Snake thought for a while and said, “You saved the lives of the merchants, so why did they give a fraudulent diamond? You have not asked anything from them, but still, they gave. So, something is fishy with the couple in the town.”

Lara did not respond.

“I’ll try to find the truth, madam; please go and take rest,” said the snake as he set out to the town.

The snake reached the man’s house, hid under the bed, and listened to their conversation.

“When can we sell the diamond?” asked his wife.


“How much do we get?”

“About 80,000 bucks.”

The next morning, when the husband woke up, he saw that the snake twisted around his wife’s neck.

He shrieked in fear.

“Go, sell the diamond, bring Lara, apologize, and pay the money to her. Otherwise, I’ll bite your wife.”

He hurried his neighbor to call Lara and went to sell the diamond.

After few hours, Lara came to the man’s house. The man apologized and gave the money.

Lara excused him and thanked the snake.

She went to her village, started a bakery, and lived a peaceful life.

Children, whenever you go to her bakery, don’t forget to read these two sentences on the wall.

No wild animal exists as dangerous as a greedy man!

Gratitude remains the foundation stone of my fortune.

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