Amazing Kids! Magazine

Davey Jones Locker

By Malik Foley, age 12, Louisiana, USA 


Five pirates set out to look for what was inside Davey Jones’ Locker. They wondered how cool it would be to find Davey Jones’ Locker. Their adventure was to find what was inside.

What if it is not where we think it is? they thought. It could be anywhere.

The Pirates went into the deep blue sea. They didn’t know where it would be. They began diving into the ocean. As they went down, it got darker.  Thinking they may be closer to Davey Jones’ Locker, the pirates searched even more.

Finally, they found the locker and brought it up! They all were pumped!  They opened it up!

Can you guess what was inside? Was it a treasure?

Inside the Locker, the pirates saw… sweaty gym clothes!

One pirate said, “That is enough treasure for me!”