Amazing Kids! Magazine

Dino the Living Stuffed Animal

By Irving Fernandez, age 11, California


Many years ago, there was a toy dinosaur who had an owner named David. David had medium dark hair, and he would always wear black jeans with a red shirt. David had gotten his toy dinosaur when he was 3 months old from his grandma who had passed away. He named his dinosaur, Dino. David would take Dino everywhere he went but, David was 18 now. David was going to head off to college in a few months.

“David what are you going to do with Dino?” asked his Mom.

Dino was basically part of David’s family since he had always cared for it.

“I don’t know mom, he’s been with me since I can remember,” responded David.

Dino had a huge secret that only David knew about, Dino could come to life. Whenever David needed help he would call for Dino to come to life. Dino helped David with test, homework, and problems he had. But, David did not want Dino to find out he wasn’t going to take him to college because, Dino would easily get mad like a rhino. David went to his room to try and decide if maybe it wouldn’t be bad to take Dino.

David was planning to take Dino to a Daycare where there are many children willing to play, but David was too afraid to tell Dino.

“Your hiding something from me David” said a mysterious voice.

“What are you hiding?” asked the mysterious voice.

“Who is that?” asked David.

“You might know who this is but you might not,” responded the unknown voice.

David thought that he was going insane. He was thinking he was in a deep dream.

“David the food is ready,” called out his Mom.

“Be right there mom,” responded David.

David went downstairs to eat his mom’s spaghetti.

“Mom did you hear anybody talking upstairs?” asked David.

“No I only heard you” responded David’s mom.

Later that night around 11:00 there was a knock on the door. There standing was a man which you could not see the face of with a package. When David’s mom opened the box, there was nothing. After she closed the door she went back to watching tv but, Dino was in front of it. Dino had revealed his secret to David’s mom, after he started walking towards her.

Dino asked “What is David hiding from me?”

“He doesn’t want to take you to college” responded David’s mom shocked with seeing a stuffed animal walk and talk.

“He…He doesn’t love me?” asked Dino with a sad face.

“Mom where’s my laundry?” yelled David while coming down the stairs.

“Why don’t you want me?” asked Dino.

“Well you have been my best friend, so I want the best for you” said David. “So I decided that I’m going to take you to live at a daycare, were you can have fun with many little kids”.

“Really, does that mean I can meet new friends?” said Dino excitedly.

“Yes!” said David.

After that moment Dino lived at the daycare with other toys and many other kids to play with. David felt relieved about not having a secret from someone or something, but he always visited Dino on weekends at his new daycares.