Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Brianna, Age 14, Canada


I was watching the village’s most talented miner winning the diamond-fabricated mining trophy for the fifth year in a row; meanwhile, I was deciding whether or not to try and farm strawberries this planting season instead of carrots. Due to the soil, which was less fit to grow strawberries than carrots for whatever reasons unknown to us novice farmers, the more experienced farmers would just mock us for trying. We would win supplies from other villages if we even managed to grow any since strawberries have become a rare delicacy in the region. Most people would prefer the gems but our village is in possession of all the mines, which caused every villager to have a plentiful hoard. I decided it would be best to grow strawberries since I have the best farming land, but I found myself falling asleep before making a clear decision.

I yawned as I woke up in the middle of a path, not knowing what I had done to get there. I ran back home to get started on my farming since it was already noon. When I got back, I noticed that half my gems had disappeared! Soon after my discovery, I heard the bell for a town meeting. I rushed over and everyone in the village soon arrived. During the meeting we had discovered that most people suspected foul play of dragons, because they have a reputation for greed and fondness for gems. Most gems in the village were gone, and this meant less and less supplies for that was the only valuable thing we had in the village for trading. For now, everyone was to mine and keep his or her gems safe.

On our seventh day in the mines, the villagers started to run out of food, we were getting tired. Other villages didn’t want to trade us supplies because we only had little gems to exchange, and any gems would lure dragons to them. We had no ways of survival unless we did something, and we had to do it quickly, because if we didn’t… we’d start to drop like flies. With the village turning insane, no one was safe from the disaster these dragons had created. We were all certain that we were going to die. When the dark evening skies had just started to settle in, I headed home but I ran into one of the other farmers that I knew very well. He was sobbing heavily, “Help!” he pleaded “I need you, my daughter, she’s dying, do you have any food, she’s just so young! Please, please!” Thankfully, I had plenty of supplies, being a pessimist isn’t as bad as people expect, I had been saving up essential supplies for a rainy day. That day had arrived. I ran quickly to my home and gave him two lumps of bread and some ale to drink and then, I settled in for the night. I woke up the next morning hearing a dreadful sound. I went outside to see the blaring source. I saw it.

As it swung down steadily, I could smell the scent of burning oak with a hint of sweet apple cider to it. Its deep scarlet scales glimmered in the hot sun as if they were made of glitter. Homes, soon to be ash, ignited all around me. Villagers and muscular warriors threw spears and shot their wide variety of steel arrows in fear as it breathed its scorching flame over the village. I picked up my last gem, my last sapphire, as I knew that’s what it wanted, and threw it; I threw it far into the mountains, as far as my strength would permit. But, just as I feared, it didn’t work. Another one swooped down as it thirsted for more gems and gold. As if it could have been a clone, with its huge bulging eyes, large dangerous clawed talons, spiked tail, only one difference, this one had rust coloured scales. It took a bite out of our most prized sheep. This time, I grabbed something more useful; I picked up a spiked mace and threw it. It screeched. But it wasn’t over… I had fainted …

When I awoke the dragon invasion was almost over, the dragons had gotten tired. Once they had gone, quickly, I came up with a very elaborate plan and decided to go on with it. I went to the other villagers explaining vividly my plan as they agreed in an eager flash. We were going to do it; we were going to stop them at the source… Their fearless, strong leader was guarding a vast, dangerous looking, musty scented cave. The cave was preserving a magic orb needed to make the loud, smelly, and dangerous creatures vanish. The village has kept one important gem especially safe by locking it up, the one which is needed with the orb to finish this ordeal. It was the only gem we had successfully kept safe, the only gem left. We decided it would be best to rest our tired, retribution-seeking bodies first, to make sure we’re successful in our commission. We would be up at the biting chill of the cold, gloomy, time of dusk, to the howling wind, for that is when the Leader of the dragons shall be in his deepest sleep. We reached the dark, moss scented cave in which the scent was so defined we could almost taste it. Upon spotting a bright aquatic green glow of an object, most definitely the orb, through crevices in the cave, we rushed towards it, but we stopped, for in our way, was a tall shadow. We had just seen the shadow when he turned the corner. A towering mighty beast with black charred scales, shinning like diamonds, his two majestic horns and wings like a unicorn, but bigger, much bigger, and more dangerous. This abominable, yet royal seeming creature, you could tell it was him, Vazuki, the Leader of the dragons. He made a deafening screech, as we stood there, like statues, afeared and baffled; his breath smelt like blood. I could feel the clutch in my stomach. Despite my fear, hidden by the crowd, I went for it, grabbed the five most agile people I could get and we went while the rest of us still stood in a trance of fear…

We got past Vazuki slyly through the glowing crevices in the walls, “Quickly, we only have so much time until we need to get back” I insisted in angst. With our tremendous agility, we had reached the beaming orb. We began our onerous ritual, holding the ponderous gem up, and chanting in Latin the spell which when chanted with five people, excluding the one holding the gem, and done properly, makes the dragons vanish until called upon doing the same ritual but chanting the spell backwards. When we finished we headed back to the village with the gem AND the orb.

After a long, tiring journey back to the village we had finally arrived. The villagers had already started celebrating with a feast; it was quite obvious they had brought back the goods the dragons had stolen. We had just finished feasting heartily when the king arrived with a prize for our village, the six villagers especially, for we were the ones who had gotten rid of the dragons. At this, we learned every village in the kingdom was also being raided. We got supplies to rebuild and sustain our village for years. So we dined with the king every year on that day to celebrate our conquering victory.

The End