Amazing Kids! Magazine

Dream Room

By Michael Wood


The wind was blowing my hair back like crazy. I tried putting a hand in front of my face, but as soon as the wind blew again, my hand slapped my face. It made me laugh, but it hurt, and I was embarrassed, hoping that no one had seen what had happened.

I was walking to my friend Billy’s house so we could play hide-and-seek with our friends from school. When I arrived, there were about 13 kids, including me, and it looked like it was going to be a fun time.

We started to play. I was the first one to be “It,” so I started counting—“One alligator, two alligator…” up to twenty. When I turned around, there was no one in sight, and I knew it was going take me a while to find everyone.

The first kid I spotted was my friend Kevin, who was up in a maple tree. I snuck up to the tree and told him “Gotcha!” He climbed cautiously down the tree. As he landed, I tagged him, sending him to the base. “One down,” I said to myself, “11 to go.”

Next, I decided to look in the backyard. Immediately, I heard voices coming from the shed. As I started to open the door, I could hear the scrambling and moving inside. As I walked in, they all screamed, “Noooo!

I tagged the five of them, bringing my total to six. I only needed to find five more—I was more than halfway done.

But I was thirsty and needed a quick break. I walked into Billy’s house, spotting some lemonade in the fridge. I poured some into a cup and chugged it down. As I put my cup down, however, I heard someone whisper, “He’s in here.”

I smirked and started to look, but couldn’t find anyone—maybe I’d imagined the voice. However, as soon as I stepped one foot outside I heard a hushed voice exclaim, “He’s leaving!”

The voice came from behind the couch. I peeked behind the couch, and sure enough, there was a group of them, all bundled up. I pushed the couch forward and tagged all three of them. That left two more kids, and as the three kids I found walked out of the house, they told me that one of the kids was hiding in the bathroom in the hallway.

So I walked to the hallway restroom and opened the door.

“Dang,” groaned my friend Paul as I tagged him. Now there was only one person left.

I began to walk around the house, looking for the last kid. Who’s left? I wondered. Then I realized it was my friend Billy. It was going to be tough to find him, because it was his house and he knew every hiding spot. I tried to think where he would hide, then I figured that he’d probably be in his room.

I walked up to his room, and when I noticed that his door was slightly open, I rushed in there. His closet door was open a crack too, and I pulled it open, but the moment I stepped in, I saw bears and stuffed animals walking around. It was crazy—I’d walked into another world.

“Billy?!” I shouted, but there was no answer. All the stuffed animals stared at me in shock. I tried to turn around and walk back into Billy’s room, but the entrance was sealed shut.

One bear came up to me. “Are you looking for Billy?” he asked. “My name is Alpha.”

I was shocked that the bear could talk. “Yes,” I replied. “What is this place?”

“This is Billy’s dream room,” Alpha said.

“Oh, boy,” I said. “Well, could you tell me where Billy is?”

“Sure,” said Alpha. “He said he was hiding because you were playing hide-and-seek.” The bear ran off to find Billy, and I chased after him.

Minutes later, we found Billy. I ran to him and grabbed him, shouting, “How is this possible?”

He shook his head. “I can’t tell you right now,” he said.

We walked back towards the door, and Billy slid it open as if it hadn’t been sealed shut. We walked back into his room, and then back outside where everyone else was.

“Finally!” they all said.

Billy smiled. “Ready for another game?”

Days passed before Billy called me over again. I walked over and rang his doorbell, and he answered the door with a “Come in.”

I walked in, and he told me the whole story. “The reason I have that room is because one day, many years ago, my tooth fell out, and I put the tooth under the pillow. I didn’t fall asleep, and instead waited for the tooth fairy to come. I told the fairy, ‘Instead of giving me money, can you make my wish come true? Can I have a dream room?’”

“The tooth fairy said, ‘Yes, as you wish,’ and she pointed her wand at my closet and I saw a bright light flash beneath the door. I walked in, and it was there.”

“Wow,” I told Billy. “That’s awesome. Can we go in again?”

“Yes,” said Billy. “Let’s go.”