Amazing Kids! Magazine

Easter Day

By Guadalupe Perez, Age 12, California


It was a super sunny spring day. Not any ordinary day, but Easter Day. You could see colorful Easter eggs being hidden in the fresh green grass, and many crazy little kids running around nonstop looking for the eggs. They were all whining about whose egg it was.

“No it’s my egg!”

“No it’s mine give it back!”

It felt like I was going to melt away from how hot it was like the wicked witch of the west. I had a bad sensation this wouldn’t be a pleasant Easter Day.

From far away I could see a petit skinny girl wearing a bright yellow loose shirt. Her shiny brunette hair was lying over her yellow shirt. She had big mysterious hazel eyes that looked familiar. She slowly started walking towards me.

“Nicole?” I screamed.

“Oh, hey Guadalupe!” she replied.

“Hurry come on! The egg hunt is about to start!”

We ran all around the park looking for the hidden eggs. I saw a beautiful big silver shiny egg. I immediately ran for it. Behind the silver egg, the sun was shining at a deep hole. I looked inside the hole. There was a black clean suitcase calmly lying on the hole. Nicole ran to me.

“What is that? Let’s open it!”

I slowly opened it. When I opened it, there was 500,000 dollars in the suitcase. Nicole and my moth went wide open.

“We’re rich!” Nicole happily screamed.

“No, we have to return this money to the police department”

Nicole was very upset with my choice, but I just knew returning the money was the right thing to do. In the end, she agreed with my decision. We immediately took the money to the police department. When we got there, we could see many busy police men taking calls, and others running out the door as fast as a cheetah because am emergency had accord. Nicole and I walked up to a policeman with black shiny hair.

“Hello, we found this brief case with money while we were on the egg hunt; we decided that it was the right choice to turn it in the police department.”

“Okay, I see. If no one claims it in 10 days the money is all yours.”

“Okay,” we replied.

One day passed. Two days passed, and before you knew it, ten days had passed. We got a phone call from the police department that afternoon.

“Hello, this is the police department. No one claimed the money you returned so can you come pick it up its all yours.”

“Sure, we will be right there!”

We got there, and a tall skinny policeman handed us the brief case with a smile. We left right after taking the brief case.

“Now we’re really rich!” Nicole screamed.

“I guess,” I said.

We decided to take half of the money to a hospital to donate for the kids with cancer. They were really happy. After that, we went shopping the whole week. We learned that you always need to turn in money to the police department when it’s not yours because who knows? Maybe you end up keeping it.