Amazing Kids! Magazine

Finding Daddy

By Priscilla Torres


One morning I opened my eyes to the beautiful bright sun shining through my window. I could hear the birds chirping and the snores of my four sisters still in bed.

Then, quite suddenly, it occurred to me that it was our spring break, and we had no school for this week. Thrilled by my realization, I ran to my dad’s room. Inside, however, I was surprised to see my dad in a suit and tie.

“Why are you getting ready, Daddy?” I asked him. “There’s no school this week.”

He smiled. “Dinah, I still have to work. A dad’s job never stops, but neither does my regular job.”

Still confused, I walked away and crawled back into my bed, waiting for my dad to say goodbye. As he walked into my room, he said that Grandpa Hank was downstairs and would be watching my sisters and me until our parents returned from work. He kissed the top of my head, then went downstairs, out the door, and drove off for work.

It had only been a few minutes, but I missed him so much already. I know what I can do, I thought. I’ll surprise Daddy at work. Oh, how happy he’ll be when he sees me!

So I slipped on my black boots, put on my blue and white polka dotted sweater, went downstairs and shoved some cookies into my pocket, made sure everyone else was still asleep, and walked out the door to begin my search for Daddy.

As I walked down the street, my eyes couldn’t help but wander. Birds were flying everywhere, but the people were all still inside, sleeping. As I turned the corner, there was this big field, and at the end of it was the big school that Daddy said I would go to once I finished elementary school. It felt like I walked beside the school for miles.

Just as I finally passed it, I heard a car driving behind me. I turned and saw that it was all black, and had two lights on top—one red, one blue. A lady got out of the car and asked me if I was lost. I told her that I wasn’t lost, I was looking for my dad. She told me that I had to go with her to her work place, and she said that I shouldn’t worry because she was a police officer and she was going to help me get home.

We got into the car, and shortly after arrived at the police station. In the lady’s office, she asked me a bunch of questions, including what my name was. She asked me how I got onto the streets alone, to which I said that I had told her already—“I was looking for my dad at work, to surprise him.”

She laughed and asked if I know how to get home.

“Of course I do,” I said. “It’s super easy.”

So we go back into her car, and I directed where to go and where to turn. Hardly any time had passed when we arrived at my house. We got out of the car, and the policewoman knocked on my door. When the door opened, my sisters and Grandpa Hank ran out to me with tear-streaked faces, hugging me tightly.

“We were so worried about you,” they said. “We called the police and everything, and we were so scared that we weren’t going to see you ever again.”

“I was coming back,” I said. “I just had to go do something.”

Confused and happy at the same time, they asked me, “What did you have to do?”

I laughed. “Find Daddy.”