Amazing Kids! Magazine

Flavors of Power

By Christina, Age 11, Canada


Welcome, to the Power Flavors bakery. Choose a flavor because each flavor gives you a different power. But a great cost comes with a power these cupcakes are $12 each, yes pretty costly. But c’mon take one off the shelf I dare you, don’t be scared we’re all friends here.

“I think I’ll choose red velvet” I say excitedly but after one bite…I can read minds! Then I remember taking my friends to the bakery Mary chose blue velvet and became a musical genius, Jerry chose strawberry and can make any fruit riper faster than you can actually say “fruit” and of course Fred chose a birthday cake flavored one and now glows in the dark (no one ever has sleepovers with him anymore). I decided this was the best bakery ever! But that was before we knew Fred would ruin it all by telling everyone now every kid has a power that they keep secret from adults. Rose can fly, Gary can become invisible and Jake can literally make money grow on trees! Now though we need to get rid of their powers somehow but the shopkeeper will only tell us this: plain unlike flowers this cupcake will get rid of your powers. Weird but what does that mean there’s thousands of flavors in that shop and like 500 different plain flavors. How on earth are we going to be able to find that one single cupcake…Then it hit me vanilla! Of course the most, plain flavor there is. But how will we get everyone to eat them, I know I’ll tell them this cupcake gives them all the possible powers. So I fed them to every kid in the neighborhood and now no kid has any power. Hey I know what you’re thinking, what about me? Well didn’t I just say I know what you’re thinking?