Amazing Kids! Magazine

Fly Away Wishes

By Sean Traynor, Editorial Adviser and Contributing Writer


Shelly leaned down and grabbed a dandelion by the bottom of its stem and gave it a quick tug. The weed jerked up, cloudy white flower intact, as if announcing its survival with great grandeur.

It shouldn’t have survived that, Shelly thought as she brought the spidery web of cotton candy in front of her face. She reviewed the intricate web of starbursts, attached only by a thread-thin string to the stem. She closed her eyes, scrunched up her cheeks, took in a deep breath, and blew. The dandelion tendrils detached and flew gently into the gentle wind.

Shelly watched as the dandelion whispers flew through the sky. She tried to count them as they flew away. She grasped her clenched hand to her chest and let out a heavy sigh.

Oh I hope my wish comes true, she thought. Her mother had always told her that if you needed a wish bad enough, blow on a dandelion flower. She believed that dandelion wishes were rushed to heaven to be heard by God. Please God, let this be true.

Shelly glanced over the top of the ridge where the last glimpse of the dandelion could be seen flying into the sky. The white edges blended into the cloud line and then, disappeared. Only then did Shelly turn, glancing up to the barn.

Her horse, who she had save from a barbed wire entanglement the week before was hanging onto life by a thread due to an infection. The veterinarian was with Grace now, applying salve to her wounds. He had warned her that it was bad and she should think about possibly getting a new horse. She had raised Grace from a colt and wasn’t prepared to let her go. It seemed silly to put such a heavy wish on such graceful white lace whispers flying through the sky. She felt she had to…a wish to the heavens on a breath of a desperate girl.

Just then she glanced back to see the veterinarian exit the barn. He turned to her and shoved his hand out straight with a “thumbs up” sign.

“Thank you, dandelion,” she whispered as she bolted to the barn to see Grace, her fly away wish now a distant memory.