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For Our Country

By Matthew Weigand, age 11, Fort Wayne, IN


So, my story begins where most stories end, finally finishing my homework, a World War II report on the Battle of Stalingrad. But, my story has a lot more to it than that. This homework was missing. I looked everywhere for it! I even asked my mom, and she said “Look in your room.”  I did, nothing there. I frantically searched everywhere- tv room, game room, basement, kitchen, I couldn’t find it.

Before I walked into school, I saw a soldier. Something about him looked out of place. He was wearing World War II attire (I knew this from my report) and carrying a piece of paper. I was about to walk through the school doors when I saw him press a button on his sleeve. Just then, a blue portal opened. Out of curiosity, I followed him in (anything to miss school). When I came out of the portal, I was in a place that looked retro (stuck in the forties). I bought a newspaper and to my surprise, the date was 1943, the time of World War II. I made the most of my time by buying five candy bars with my two dollars. Then, I saw him – the same soldier! The paper he was still holding blew out of his hand. Astonishingly, it had my name on it.

I yelled at him, “Hey, what’s the big idea of taking my homework?”

He replied, “This paper is part of my battle plans.”

“What, these are not battle plans! ‘Plans’? That’s my World War II history report,” I explained.

The soldier answered, “I need this paper because it contains vital information. It will save our troops.”

I said, “But I desperately need it for my ‘A’ in the class.”

After I saw the look of disappointment on his face, I let the soldier keep my homework so he could help his troops.

So, Mrs. Meyers, that is why I do not have my homework. I did it all for our country.


  1. olivia yuan /

    I love it! Very original and funny!

  2. YeaLim (Elsie) Jang /

    I love this. Very patriotic. Write on!!

  3. Nicole.M /

    Very funny