Amazing Kids! Magazine

Freeze Frame

By Olivia Roberts, Age 14, Texas


On Friday night, Claire sat at her desk in her home in Dallas, with one thing on her mind, homework. Claire’s high school gave out so much homework that she was just about ready to yank out her long, blonde hair. Claire rarely ever had time where she got to just relax.

In search of an answer to her algebra homework, Claire pulled out her pink-cased iPhone. As soon as she turned it on, an advertisement came up that read, “Ever wish you could just freeze time and take a break? Well now you can! Just download the ‘Freeze Frame’ application today!”

To Claire, this sounded really good, because at the moment, she did need a break, badly. Before she could think twice about it, Claire hit “download”. Then she began to wonder, Why did I just download this? This app cannot possibly freeze time. It’s probably just a virus. I better delete it.

However, Claire was too late. The app opened up and a button with the words “Freeze Time” popped up across the screen. Claire began to panic trying to close the app, and then, by accident, she hit the button. In a split second. a burst of white light flashed through Claire’s bedroom windows, and Claire’s noisy house fell into absolute silence.

Startled and clueless, Claire walked out into her living room where she found her dad on the couch, frozen reaching for the remote. In the kitchen, Claire’s mom had turned into a statue while washing the evening’s dishes. Claire could even see water droplets stuck in mid-air, as if they were just about to splash onto the floor. And everything else in Claire’s house; the radio, the TVs, the ceiling fans, and even their dog Max, had just stopped. It was like someone had pressed ‘pause’ on a remote that controlled the universe.

“Wow, I can’t believe this,” Claire said aloud. The app she downloaded actually worked! Time was frozen and Claire was responsible. She quickly became overcome with joy. “This is great!” she shouted. “I can do whatever I want! I no longer have to worry about homework, and I can just have fun for a change!”

Claire then took a bowl of tomato soup and dumped it on her dad’s head, and then she drew a big, black unibrow across her mom’s forehead with marker. Claire thought about calling her friend Ashley when she realized something. If my parents are frozen, then my friends are too, she thought. I can’t have fun without my friends, so I better just

Quickly, Claire went to her room and retrieved her iPhone from her desk, but when she turned it on, it was out of control. All different screens opened and closed and the thing made the oddest noise. It sounded like a mix between a dying moose, and nails scraping against a chalkboard. Claire let out a moan, “I knew that stupid app was a virus!” Out of rage and disgust,

Claire threw her phone across the room and it knocked over a glass of root beer, which then spilled all over Claire’s phone. “I just want everything to go back to normal!” she screamed.

Suddenly, another flash of white light shined through the windows. Then Claire heard all of the familiar sounds of her house again. At first, Claire was surprised and confused, she had no idea how time had been fixed. Then she looked over at her cell phone, it now sitting in a sticky puddle of root beer. The soda had ruined her cell phone, but it had also fixed time.

Claire went back into their living room, and saw her dad wiping off the tomato soup, utterly confused. Also, Claire saw her mom in the kitchen, still violently scrubbing dishes, oblivious to her new unibrow. Claire let out a sigh of relief and then she smiled, for time was unfrozen and she could see her friends and family again.