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Friends Till The End?

By Alondra Ramirez, age 12, Richmond, CA


We all have that special friend who may or may not understand you. You are still friends through the bad or good times. But some friends seem like they understand and appreciate who you are, when really they might not. A girl named Nevaeh is about to find a friend that she thought understood her, but she actually didn’t.

Nevaeh was in kindergarten and spoke Spanish. She didn’t really know how to speak English, but she learned it in first grade. She didn’t have friends and every time she would try and make some they would just walk away. That happened until she went to third grade when a girl named Brooke walked up to her.

“Hi,” said Brooke. “My name is Brooklyn but you can call me Brooke. What’s your name?”

Nevaeh didn’t answer. Nevaeh was a shy girl and didn’t talk much to other people. Since Nevaeh never had a friend to talk to, her mouth would clam up whenever she talked in public. Her tongue would act like a hose with a knot in it.

“You can’t talk?” asked Brooke.

“I can talk. I’m just really shy,” replied Nevaeh with a squeaky nervous voice.

“You don’t have to be shy. Do you want to be friends?”

Nevaeh gave a shrug.

After that Brooke wouldn’t leave Nevaeh’s side and always talked to her. Nevaeh started talking more and was less shy. When she met Brooke, Brooke took her to her friends and introduced them to each other. There were only three girls, but Nevaeh was fine with it. At least she had friends. Their names where Karla, Mariana, and Isela.

They got along very well and had a few things in common. The girls got older and they were finally in middle school. Brooke and Nevaeh were close as best friends, but there was a problem – Now everyone changes when they get older and these two girls did change. When Nevaeh changed the way she looked and acted, Brooke didn’t like it. Nevaeh started wearing a lot of black. She also got bangs and put them to the side. She died her hair black which made her hair as soft as silk. She didn’t wear black all the time, but it was most of the time, and she would always have her hair down. The only time she would have it up most of the time was at home. Brooke wore pastel kinds of colors, and right when you saw her you would think she was the ‘popular girl’. She always had her hair held up in a high ponytail.

Nevaeh was still primarily the same, but just different. Brooke started to judge her, and making her wear stuff that she didn’t like or wasn’t comfortable with. When Brooke started to judge Nevaeh she started to get upset. They had arguments about the way Nevaeh wanted to look, and how Brooke didn’t like what she wore.

“Why can’t you just wear stuff that I wear?!” yelled Brooke.

“Because I don’t like to wear your clothes. They make me uncomfortable and I don’t like them. It’s just something I don’t like to wear. Why can’t you just accept that?”

“Because it doesn’t make you look pretty like me. If you want to be pretty than you have to wear what I wear!”

“What if I don’t want to wear what you wear. I don’t want to be pretty if it means I can’t be comfortable with who I am and what to wear!”

“Don’t you trust me?” When Brooke said that Nevaeh didn’t answer, but walked away.

Nevaeh didn’t answer because she really wasn’t sure if she could really trust Brooke anymore. Ever since Brooke started judging her she wasn’t sure if she could trust Brooke. Although she didn’t want to be friends with Brooke anymore, she didn’t want to leave her first best friend. She didn’t know what to do.

She went to her friends to ask for help.

“Hey, I want to ask you guys something,” said Nevaeh.

“What is it?” asked Isela

”Brooke and I got into a fight and she asked me if I trusted her and I never answered. I don’t know what to do. I still want to be her friend, but at the same time I don’t,” rambled Nevaeh.

“Why were you guys fighting in the first place?” asked Mariana.

“Because she didn’t like the way I looked. She was judging me.”

“I don’t know what to tell you exactly because that’s your choice if you still want to be friends with her or not. We will support your decision either way and we will always help you. But this is your decision to make,” said Karla.

“Okay, but thanks for at least telling me that.”

“We are always here to help,” said Mariana.

A few days passed and she still didn’t know what to do. That was until she met Alex. Alex was a girl that understood Nevaeh and she didn’t judge her by her looks, but she liked the same interests as Nevaeh. They liked to dress in the same kinds of things and had similar hobbies.

Nevaeh really liked Alex because she never did judge her like Brooke did. And when they were talking about their interests it was like they had known each other for a long time. Brooke didn’t talk to Nevaeh anymore when she became friends with Alex. They kept in contact, but they didn’t really talk to each other.

Nevaeh was still friends with the other girls, and was happy that she finally had someone that understood her and appreciated her.

Maybe some friends seem great until you really start to get to know them. They might appreciate you and they might not. Your first friends aren’t always your ‘friends till the end.’ Although it’s hard to be friends with someone who doesn’t appreciate you, it’s better to have a friend who does appreciate you and understand you.