Amazing Kids! Magazine

Geodesic Dome

By Martin Velez, 11 years old, Texas


Huh? Why am I in a garage? Uh-oh. I think I’m a science fair project. AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Just the thought of that is scary! No icosahedrons wants to be in a science fair. First, the kids who make you paint you and paint that isn’t intended to be used with cardboard doesn’t agree with cardboard! Then there’s the car ride. It sometimes results in parts of you getting destroyed. Finally, there’s the fact that rowdy kids sometimes touch you or even break you. That can be the end for anything made from cardboard! Uh-oh! Looks like I’m going to the science fair! They’re putting me in a car! Help me! Ooof! Ouch! We’re on the road. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Ugh. Where am I? Oh, great. All of my 20 diamond-shaped panels agree with me on this. I’m in a gym! But at least I’m still complete. I am so lucky, well, not all that lucky… Oh well. I just hope there aren’t any disrespectful kids in the audience. Moreover, I’m not painted! Uh-oh, it looks like someone is going to paint me! NOOOOOOOO! Hey, wait a minute. It’s just a guy painting the gym! Phew! Huh? Yikes, there’s the audience and it looks like there are a whole lot of rowdy kids in it. Now all the teams are lining up to present and it looks like I’m next! (gulps) I’m either getting a prize or getting recycled. I can feel the judges viewing me… and I won third prize! It’s not first, but at least I’m not getting recycled. I returned home on another bumpy ride, ah, the garage: home sweet home. It feels good to be left alone. Hey, what’s that six-legged thing in the corner?