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Handy Dandy Candy

By Peter Mitelman, Age 10, New Jersey


“Time for work, time for work,” Morris was humming as he was about to leave the house.

“Come on, Randy!” he called. “We’re running late!” Morris opened the door a crack.

“Coming!” said Randy. He ran to the door, but couldn’t stop himself. It swung completely open, and Randy went tumbling down the stairs. Once he was at the bottom, he was very dizzy. He looked ahead of him. “WHOA. Morris, come see this!”

Morris ran down the stairs.

“Candy shop!”

There was Brent (the guys’ manager) and some other guy with a hat watching Sam put the finishing touches to a house that said ‘John’s Candy Shop’.

“What’s going on?” asked Morris.

“Candy, that’s what’s going on!” said Mike who just happened to pass by. “I want candy, I want candy! WHOO! John’s Candy Shop! John’s Candy Shop! It’s free candy, so you can have as many as you want!”

“All right, that’s good,” said the man. Sam finished his hammering and cutting and all that stuff. He climbed down.

“Thanks, John,” said Brent.

“Hey, no problem, Brent. I’ll check back at seven to see how my shop is doing. You’re in charge.”

Brent nodded.

“CANDY!” Mike shouted again. “I’m ready to run in.”

“Not yet, Mike. Not until the shift’s over at six,” said Brent.

“We’ll be waiting,” said Mike.

“We want candy also!” said Randy.

“Let me guess, the same goes for us,” said Morris.

Brent rolled his eyes.

End of Shift:

“Bye, Brent!” Morris and Randy chanted as they entered the candy shop.

“Hopefully Mike didn’t eat all of the candy,” said Morris sarcastically.

“Literally or not literally?” asked Randy.

“Why you asking?” asked Morris.

Randy pointed to the shelves. There was almost no candy left.

Just then they saw their friend Howie sitting on the floor eating candy.

“Stomachache,” he moaned. “Too much candy. Making me go crazy. Still want more. But can’t. Leaving.”

“What happened to him, Mike?” asked Morris, looking around the shop.

“Hey, dude, how much candy have you eaten?”

“A lot,” Mike said with his mouth full.

“How much left for us?”

“Twenty,” said Mike.

“TWENTY?” asked Morris.

“Mike’ll be done by then,” Randy whispered to him.

“We’re going to want some too, and add that to how much he’s going to eat,” said Morris.

“Oh, man, this is bad. John’s going to get really mad when he gets back!”

“Brent’s going to get us all fired and he’ll hate us forever!”

“We just have to stop him from eating any more candy…” said Randy, “…after we have some.”

Morris and Randy each took one candy and popped it into their mouth.

“Oh my…” said Morris.

“This thing is crazy! It’s making me go nuts! It’s the most chocolaty, sticky, John’s candy I’ve ever tasted!” said Randy.

“I know it’s really good, but we can’t have anymore. Right, Mike?”

“Om nom nom… Say what now? There’s one candy left.”

“No!” screamed Randy. He ran and knocked it out of his hands. “This is John’s shop, not yours!” said Randy. “You’re not eating this, but it tastes so goooooooooooooooooood…” He started drooling.

“Randy… is… right… want… candy… so… bad.”

But Morris and Randy shook their heads.

“I guess Mike ate so much he’s not strong enough to get out of the trance. We just got to keep him away from it.”

“No, guys. I WANT IT! Please, give it to me.”

“No,” said Morris. Then he started talking baby language to Mike. “You no eat candy or else John go boom-boom.”

“I no eat candy or else John go boom-boom.”

“Yes,” said Morris.

“This is dumb. I’m going to watch TV while you take care of Mike,” said Randy.

“Just do me a favor and…” Morris changed to a whisper. “Put the candy in the middle drawer in our room. No one ever looks there.”

Randy took the candy and left to their room. He opened the middle drawer. “I don’t ever remember opening this.” But he opened it and all he saw were a bunch of spider webs.

“Ew. At least ten years.” He put the candy bar in and ran back outside.

“All right, the… candy’s in. But now he’s going to be wondering where it is.”

“We got to keep him distracted. Video game break, Mike?”

“Video game break!” said Mike.

Howie came over and they played some video games.

“OOOOOHHHHHHH! We won again! Huh!” Mike high-fived Howie. “You losers are horrible at this game.”

“We demand a rematch!” said Randy.

“So we can have the victory!” Morris chanted.

“Oh, it’s on!” said Mike.

Two minutes later:

“OOOOHHHHH!” said Mike again.

“Another rematch!” said Morris again.

Two minutes later:

“OOOOOHHHHH!” said Mike again.

“Last rematch?” Morris begged.

Two minutes later:



Two minutes later:




Fifteen minutes later:

Morris and Randy were panting with exhaustion.

“A preschooler could beat you. Losers!” said Mike as Howie left.

“That reminded me. Those twenty-seven victories made me hungry. How about as a prize, I eat that candy you’re trying to stop me from gobbling down?”

“NO,” said Morris.

Phil and Thomas came in. “What is all this commotion? We must have peace,” said Phil.

“Hey, guys. Tell Mike he can’t have this last piece of candy for John’s candy shop.”

“You cannot have this piece of candy, Mike.”

“I must have it! IT TASTES SO GOOD!” said Mike. He started running upstairs.

“Get him!” said Morris as he, Randy, and Phil started chasing Mike. Thomas stayed behind. “Is it cool if I watch your TV?” he called. “I’m not in the mood to run.”

“Yeah, sure, whatever, Thomas,” said Randy.

Meanwhile, John came back to the park and saw Brent and Sam.

“Hey, John. The guys were pretty excited about your candy. They think it’s the best ever!” said Brent.

“Glad they like it,” said John. “Let’s go check on them.” The three of them went inside the candy shop. They didn’t see anybody or anything.

“Where are they?” asked Brent.


Sam skipped around for a second to see if there was any candy at all, but he came back and shook his head.

“We have to find the rest of the guys,” said John.

Meanwhile, Randy’s watch beeped. “Aw, man, it’s seven. John’s going to come here now and he’s going to be mad at all of us!”

“No, he’s not. He’s just going to be mad at Mike. We can defend ourselves and have him take the blame,” said Morris.

“You know I heard that,” said Mike, “and no way!”

Just then Howie came. “Well, my stomachache’s better, and I decided I’d… WHOA, what happened?”

Morris, Randy, and Phil and Howie set off to chase Mike.

“He’s too fast!” said Phil.

“Way too fast!” said Randy.

“In your face!” said Mike. “And now the candy’s mine.”

He ran into their room.

“Wait, remember? You hid the candy!” said Morris.

“Well, I’m going to go play with my cards,” said Phil.

“Could we play?” asked Morris.

“It’s fun,” said Howie.

“You guys are making a mistake! I’m going to find the candy right now,” said Mike. “Randy, I know where you hid it.”

“No, you don’t.”

“Come on!” called Morris, Phil, and Howie.

“Coming!” said Randy. He ran to them.

“Let’s see here,” said Mike. “What about this middle drawer? Nah, no one ever checks there. Come on, Mike, why not take a look? No, that would just be wasting your time, man. But I have to”- Just then the drawer opened by itself and the candy popped out of it with an eyes, a mouth, and little arms and legs.

“You!” he said in a squeaky voice. “You’re the idiot who put me in this filthy drawer.”

“No, I just want to eat you. The other guys put you in there to hide you from me.”

“Why, ‘cause they don’t think I’m as yummy as my family? Oh, I’m going to destroy them!”

“No, it’s not because of that! I just got a little carried away with how delicious you and your family are and I ate everybody except for you, and if I eat you there’ll be nothing left and John will get mad. That’s why now I realize I’m not going to eat you. But it doesn’t matter now. Whether there’s one or zero candy left, our boss will get mad and fire all of us,” Mike explained.

“Look, kid, I’m proud of you that you realized your mistake, so I’m going to help you solve this problem, but you’ll need to work with me. Now here’s the deal.” He whispered something into Mike’s ear.
“…and…make sure to…performance…got it?”

“Yeah. Let’s roll,” said Mike.

Meanwhile, Morris, Randy, Phil, and Howie were playing cards while Thomas continued to watch TV.

“Fine, I’ll risk it,” said Morris. “Come on, come on… oh, yeah, I got twenty-one!”

“You didn’t get twenty-one,” said Randy, “but what you did get was lucky.”

Just then Brent, Sam, and John came in.

“WHERE’S ALL THE CANDY! We trusted you guys! Where’s Mike? You are all suspects of this mystery!” said Brent.

“We don’t need to solve it. You’re in trouble, Brent. It may have been caused by someone, but I do remember saying that you were in charge,” said John. “I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to take away the shop,” said John.

“I think we should do that. It’s too much trouble, anyway.”


“Mike?” Brent, John, Sam, Phil, Morris, Randy, Howie, and Thomas asked.

Mike came downstairs.

“Before any final verdicts, I would like you to listen to a speech, but I will not be the one saying it. Come out, Harry!”

Harry came out from behind the table (he was the candy that came to life).

“All right, Morris, Randy, Phil, Howie! I think you forgot that there was still one candy left. And that is me. I think we should have more candy, but not so we can gobble it all down at once and go crazy. We should have a rule: a limit of ten candies per person per day. What do you say, guys? John? Come on, John! Keep your shop here!” Harry said.

Mike was the only one that cheered.

“Uh…” said John.

“Do we take that as a yes?” asked Mike.

“I don’t know, but I’m embarrassed. Please eat me now,” said Harry.