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Happy Place

By Kaia Wootton


“Think of a happy place.” If you have ever said that to me, you would see me slowly shut my eyes and nod. What you didn’t know was the place that I teleported myself to.

The room morphed into a wonderful meadow. In the middle of the field, there was a beautiful Guanacaste tree. It sprouted in the middle of that warm place. I’m sure it existed somewhere. Little lights flickered in the tree, and it was so whimsical, you might think that those lights were tiny fairies buzzing around their town. If you traced the lines and bumps of the tree, it would be rough yet vaguely familiar. Whenever I was there, it was night with a soft, salty breeze, as if it were near the ocean. The tall, green grass was so comforting to lie down in, it was like a cotton blanket. Little candles decorated the field, and though they only cast a dim light, the moon would strengthen the glow. Many dandelions were scattered throughout the grass, promising that each of your wishes would come true in an instant. Stars sparkled in the navy-blue sky up above as purplish-white shooting stars zipped by. Nightingales sang a sweet song that could make somebody in the deepest sorrow float up to the calmest happiness that the person had ever experienced.

This place was so amazing that if you played your favorite song, it would just distract you from the world’s natural beauty. A flashlight would ruin the mood. Nothing would make this world any better. The taste of the air reminded me of the sea and pineapples. The smell of the breeze mingled with a scent of new books. This area was better than the best book, more gorgeous than the most colorful sunset.


  1. Amy /


  2. Gary Fleishman /

    So much said in so few words. Great Visualization! Absolutely loved it, hard to believe this came from a child.

  3. zack fleishman /

    Thank you for taking me to such an amazing place. Was this really written by a kid?!? Wow.

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