Amazing Kids! Magazine

High School

By Xochitl Sanchez


8:00, the first bell rang. I hurry in to class to get the seat all the way in the back. Like always I sit alone. The seats fill in and the class gets quiet as the teacher takes attendance. Before she even starts a boy rushes in late, the teacher tells him to take a seat. He responds with, “but there are no more seats”, even though there is one next to me. Without further argument, he throws his book bag on the floor and slumps in his chair, he then scoots it far away from me. Now that the class was quiet again, the teacher begins the roll call. My last name starting with a “Z” makes me always the last person to be called so I space out and didn’t even hear the teacher call my name. “Claire Zuniga”, I look up and see 30 pairs of eyes on me, I immediately feel my face burning with embarrassment. “Here”, I say sheepishly. I look down not wanting to see anybody staring at me. I only look up to hear the teacher tell the class to choose a partner, great. People start to call out each other’s names and signal to each other to work with them. Again I’m all by myself, the teacher says I can work with her, I hear a couple kids laugh at the fact that the teacher has to be my partner. The partner work ended up being more of like an interview, I learned the teacher is from German descent, lived in Argentina for 3 years, and has 3 dogs. I was really interested until she asked about my life. Not wanting to tell her that I moved from my hometown, lived alone with my mother and was socially awkward, I told her that I hated this school. I didn’t realize that I had screamed it out, all the students burst into laughter and mocked me.

I felt the tears coming out the same way when I found out I had to leave, the same way I was forced to come to a new school with new people. But the tears didn’t come out, instead I  just looked away and told her to ask me a different question, Luckily the bell rang. I ran out the door and into the bathroom, I sat down in the second stall and debated whether I should got to my next 3 periods. I ended up staying, paranoid that I would get caught and into trouble. It was finally 5th period, I had been hungry all day since I only ate apple slices for breakfast. I went down to lunch, as I entered the cafeteria I felt all eyes on me, even though nobody was paying attention. I quickly walked past every table looking down at my worn out converse. I sat in the farthest table, by myself again and just watched everybody, everyone looked happy, or at least it seemed. It’s too bad that there are still 4 more years to go. If I couldn’t even get through the first day then I most definitely won’t be able to get through the whole year. The same boy that had to sit next to me during first period sat in the table in front of me with his friends. I shouldn’t have started for too long, he caught my gaze and our eyes locked. I looked away quickly, still able to see him through the corners of my eyes.

I heard laughs, I saw heads turn in my direction. I began to chew my food faster, It seemed like time decided to stop, I felt I was the only one who was moving. “Hey”, I looked up, a group of older girls were standing over me. “This our table, sorry”, I grab my tray and book bag as I start walking away too embarrassed to look for another table. I instead throw away my food and walk back to the bathroom. I just sat there and read the graffiti on the stalls, I looked through my book bag for my lavender sharpie. I scribbled and doodled on the walls until the ball rang, not wanting to miss anymore classes I ran to my next one. I sat through every lectured and made my plans for after school, this day was taking forever. I was finally in last period, even though I missed three classes it was my favorite, Math. Everyone complained for all the work but I loved it. Sadly after 50 minutes the bell rang and it was time to leave, only 10 more months to go.