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Homework Abduction

By Haley Hunt, age 12, Peachtree City, GA


When science class began, Alex McKenzie looked down at her empty desk—the desk where the homework Mr. John assigned the night before should have been.  Alex knew she would be busted if she did not give Mr. John something.  She quickly picked up her pen and started writing random guesses on a blank piece of paper.  When Mr. John collected their homework, Alex held her breath.  He bought it! she thought.

Later at lunch, Mr. John called Alex to his room.

“Alex, you get straight A’s, you’re at the top of my class, and you never get into trouble.” He paused. “So my question about last night’s homework is… well, where is it?”

Alex thought for a moment before saying, “Mr. John, if you want to know why I don’t have my homework, then I am going to have to take you back to last night.”

“I live on a farm away from the city,” Alex began. “My parents were at work, and my brother was at a friend’s house. I was alone, or at least I thought.”

“I was just about to start my assignment when a green light filled the room. I went outside, and I found myself trapped in a glowing ball of green goo.”

“Impossible!” Mr. John barked. “I am a science teacher and I refuse to believe this.”

Alex looked at him and replied, “Well Mr. J, believe it, because I’m just getting started.”

Mr. John rolled his eyes and motioned for her to continue.

“Where was I?  Oh yes, I was trapped in a glowing ball of red goo,” Alex continued.

“I thought it was green goo?”  Mr. John smirked.

“That’s what I said. Anyway, I tried to get out, but I just was not strong enough.  It pulled me into a space ship where tiny blue aliens took me out of the bubble and chained me to a bed. They left me in a small room with all sorts of tools around me. I felt us take off. I was scared. I wanted to yell for help, but I could not.”

“Hold it right there. You expect me to believe that you were in space?” Mr. John questioned.

“I don’t expect you to believe any of this. I’m just stating facts.” Alex hurriedly went on. “A few hours later the aliens came and unchained me. They brought out a translator and spoke a few words into it. Then, on the screen, the translation was printed in English. It read: We are sorry for kidnapping you and leaving you in this room. We just could not afford you escaping.  For we have been watching you and need your help. Our planet Flawnders is in trouble. We need you to save it. You see you are the one our prophecy tells us about. You, Alexandra McKenzie, will come to our aid when we need you the most. Come and have some food. We will arrive at Flawnders soon.”

“I was in shock, but went with them anyway. I was hungry and if I was who they say I was, then they probably would be nice to me.”

“Stop, stop, STOP!  This is crazy! Out of all the outlandish homework excuses, this has to be the worst one of all!” Mr. John yelled. “I want the truth!”

“I’m telling the truth, just listen.”

After dinner the same alien pulled out the translator, and it read: We have landed. Please put this necklace on to allow you to breathe in space. Once we are outside you will be taken to our queen.

I put on the necklace and followed him outside. It worked. I could breathe. I walked to a small cart and followed the aliens in. They started the cart, and it went off at the speed of light. In an instance we were there.

I entered the castle. The alien motioned for me to go to the throne room. The guards let me in when they saw who I was with. The queen was very pleased to see the aliens had brought me. The aliens left me in the room alone with the queen. She pulled out a translator of her own and spoke into it. On the screen it read: I am the Queen of Flawnders. The citizens and I are in need of your assistance. Another planet Zenuse is trying to claim our only moon for themselves. The moon keeps our world in tack. It is our most prized possession. Zenuse is a stronger planet then Flawnders. We fear war is upon us. If this is the case we will surely lose. Then Zenuse will not only want our moon, but our entire planet. We need your help to convince Zenuse to just keep to themselves.

“How am I supposed to convince an entire planet like that to not go to war?”  I asked, speaking into the translator.

It is the prophecy. A human girl by the name of Alexandra McKenzie will come to our aid and make peace between our planets. Please help us. All you will have to do is talk with the King of Zenuse at dawn tomorrow on top of the moon.”

“Okay, I’ll give it a try,” I said, shaking.

That night I was given a room in the castle, but I did not sleep. All I thought was this has to be a dream, but it was not. For the next morning at dawn, I was sent alone to the surface of Flawnder’s moon. As predicted, the king met me on the surface at dawn. He, too, pulled out a translator. It read: Well, well, well. You must be the prophesized one. Flawnders will stop at nothing to beat me. It will not work. Even with a silly little girl.

“Look all I want is peace. Why do you even want this moon?”

I do not have a moon.” To my surprise he began to cry. “Zenuse is supposed to be the most powerful planet in our galaxy, but we are the only one without a moon of our own.”

“Have you ever thought about talking to the queen about sharing the moon instead of starting a war for it?” I wondered.

NO, why would I do that?” he pondered.

“It is better than just demanding things.”

All right I’ll try it,” the king said, annoyed. I smiled and walked away.

The aliens waited for me when I returned, and I told them that there would be a meeting between the king of Zenuse and the queen of Flawnders. As we waited for the queen to return, the aliens showed me around the planet.  I realized the planet was a lot like Earth. There were animals with seven heads, the plants looked like fish, and the ground felt like rubber. They lived in cylinder houses, and drove cylinder carts. They told me that in their galaxy every planet has a color and shape. Their color was green, and their shape was a cylinder. Zenuse had a cone and was blue. Another planet in their galaxy Jarinth was red and used a cube.

Soon the queen returned. She first talked to the aliens. Then, she pulled out a translator and repeated what she said. The translator read:  We have signed a treaty. The planets of Flawnders and Zenuse are now, and forever will be, friends. We have agreed to share our moon. We have renamed it Flawnuse. We owe it all to Alexandra McKenzie. Is there anything we can do for you? 

“Actually, I would like to go home,” I replied.

Then it shall be done. 

A few hours later we landed back on Earth. I said my goodbyes and watched the spaceship take off once again this time without me. I went into my home, and saw no time had passed on Earth.

“Hold on. If no time passed, why didn’t you do your homework?” Mr. John questioned.

Alex replied simply, “Oh yeah. My dog ate it.”


  1. Hi sweetie! I am so proud of you! Great story, congrats on your first publish!!!

    Love Dad!

    P.S. This better be fiction : -)

  2. Rising Starr Middle School /

    Your classmates from Spanish Connection class at Rising Starr MS loved it. You should continue writing. We are very proud of you!
    Amazing! Impressive!Go Haley!