Amazing Kids! Magazine

House on Via Pesaro Avenue

By Shalma Alvarez, Age 11, California


It was a bright winter morning on Via Pesaro Avenue. As I shoveled snow from my sidewalk, I could see car windows and rooftops carrying slushy, slippery snow. When children walked by me, I could hear jaws and teeth tremble from the coldness in the air. The snow was quite slippery that day, and the wind was very breezy. As you walked out of your house, you would immediately slip onto your bottom. It was like roller skating for the first time. If you opened a window, you would fly like an angel. Although my bones felt frozen, I felt good at the same time because I always enjoy seeing the snowflakes drizzling down from the sky.

One of my neighbors is Mr. Martinez.  He was shoveling his sidewalk across the street. Sometimes he can be very irritable, and sometimes he’s the happiest man on earth. It’s like flipping a coin to know whether he’s happy or not. He has white fuzzy hair that looks like skinny worms. He wears big elephant pants, and this morning his eyes seemed to be saying, “I’m feeling crabby today…just leave me alone!”

I knew that the best thing to do was to simply smile and wave to him.

“Good morning Mr. Martinez.”

“Ahhhhh!  Whatever!”

When I finished shoveling snow I decided to walk to my best friend’s Gaby’s house.  As I approached her house, I noticed blooming Maple trees and red brick sidewalks covered with cracking ice.

“This ice feels very slippery,” I thought to myself.

I could also feel the wintery freezing air blowing in my face. It was so cold that I could barely feel my hands due to frostbite. I almost turned around to go home until I realized I had a second pair of gloves in my jacket.

Eventually I bumped into a grumpy old lady that goes by the name “Aunty Mia.” She has as many wrinkles on her neck and face as a pit bull. She has blue eyes that look like ocean waves, and white hair that looks like vanilla frosting. She always wears the same old long sleeved shirt with daisies that she got many years ago for Christmas. Her eyes seemed to be saying, “I think I need to buy some new clothes.” I went back to give her clothes that my mother had donated to her.

Although I didn’t have a time to visit my friend Gaby, I was able to have fun meeting interesting people in my neighborhood and enjoy a winter snowstorm.