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How a Greedy Pig Lost His Donut

By Jimena Valdivia, age 11, California


On a scorching hot sunny summer afternoon, inside a red and white farmhouse, lived a greedy pig named Piggles Worth Snort with all his other barn friends, and several birds which just came to eat and drink food inside the barn. The birds were excited and were twittering all day. Everybody felt great, especially Piggles Worth who felt as if he was in the clouds with the birds. It smelled like wild flowers all over the barn, but for some reason you could also smell excitement inside Piggles Worth Snort’s fort.

That afternoon P. Snort (Piggles Worth’s nickname) planned an idea, he planned that the next morning he was going to steal the farmer’s giant glazed donut. Piggles Worth was thinking about his plan over and over again while he took his afternoon bath in the squishy pool of mud. With his dirty short legs, he walked over to his hay bed which is mostly made of dry mud and jumped to get on it which was just a foot above the ground but for him it was like four feet above the ground. He felt really proud of his plan. That night he had trouble sleeping, he just kept thinking of his plan that he was going to do the next morning. Finally, after hours of thinking the greedy pig fell asleep.

In his dreams, he dreamed of eating his donut while he took a bath in the mud, while talking in his dreams saying “donut, donut, donut, donut, I want the donut.”

The next morning Piggles Worth was very sleepy and needed to sleep more. Even though he was extremely sleepy, he mapped out his plan, ate his breakfast and put his thoughts into action.

First off, he dug a hole and escaped. Since he was small he didn’t need to dig a lot. After that he asked the ants, “Can you please distract the rest of the farm animals while I steal the farmer’s donut and until I go back to my fence? (Piggles Worth knew how to speak ant language.)

The ants said in response, “It will be a pleasure, P. Snort” and they went off to work.

Next, he got inside the farmer’s door without any noise while the farmer finished giving breakfast to the rest of the animals and the farmer’s wife cleaned their bedroom. He had trouble grabbing the donut on top of the table since he was a tiny pig. Luckily he was able to jump high (for a pig). He achieved his plan and quickly ran outside without oinking and attracting any attention to himself.

When he got to his pen, the hole he had dug for his escape was not visible. Instead there was more wire and, instead of the hole, there was also a pole in the middle. Somehow Piggles Worth had hid the donut on the other side of the fence and when the farmer found him loose he put the pig in the pen while Piggles Worth oinked crazily.

When the ants heard that Piggles Worth had finished stealing the donut they left to go to his pen, because they wanted their share of the donut.

“I didn’t say I was going to give you part of the donut. I asked you if you could do me a favor and you ants said yes, that it would be a pleasure.” At that, the ants left with mischief mixed with anger.

The pig thought, I’ll just take a nap so I’ll be hungrier and that way the donut will taste better. The pig didn’t even last a minute before he fell soundly asleep. He slept until the afternoon turned into night, and night turned into midnight, and midnight became morning.

When he woke up it was eleven o’clock the next day. He had slept through a whole day. He prepared for his breakfast, the donut, by washing his face with mud, which made his face even dirtier. After that he looked at the place where he had hidden the donut.

With a shocked face he wondered what happened to the donut. Did I forget where I left the donut or did some animal steal the donut from me? thought Piggles Worth, the smartest pig of the whole farm, or so he thought (which isn’t true).

Three days later he found out who had stolen the delicious donut when a group of teenage ants passed by him saying the donut was delicious.

He got so mad at all the ants for eating the whole donut that he kicked some of the teenage ants that he had heard gossip. Then in a couple of seconds, trillions of ants for miles away started coming towards him.

The ants began singing madly, “Kill him, kill him, kill him, kill him!!!”

Then, at the sound of this, the ground started shaking and all the ants started jumping like a strong earthquake was occurring. Then two big, round, horny, red eyed bulls showed up and when they both saw Piggles Worth Snort they shouted, “This one is going to be a tasty one, when do we get to him.”

“I want a leg, the neck, the head, and the heart!” said the youngest.

“No, I decide what I want first because I am the one who’s going to kill that pig,” disagreed the oldest.

“Not if I kill it first,” said the other bull angrily.

Piggles Worth didn’t wait to hear more of which parts of his body the bulls were arguing over.

He ran under the oldest bull and ran as fast as his stubby short legs could take him. Lucky for Snort, the farmer had just arrived to feed him his lunch and heard him oinking.

As the farmer reached down for him, Piggles Worth calmed down and didn’t get scared when the farmer reached for him.

“Come here little piggy, you got lost right. I’ll put you in your fence,” said the farmer in a sweet low voice.

The next morning the farmer came with a surprise for breakfast. He brought Piggles Worth’s ordinary food and in addition, for being good yesterday, the farmer gave him two large donuts. This is what the farmer said, “Here Piggles Worth. I accidently dropped two of my donuts in your food. Would you like them?”

Snort just started oinking while he chased his twirly, bouncy, reddish pink tail.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” said the farmer and dropped the two thick donuts on the floor as he turned around and left.

In less than half a minute the donuts were gone.

It turns out the ants had not eaten the donuts as Piggles had previously thought. It was the teenage ants and the youngest bull who stole and ate the donut while Piggles Worth slept. The ants and Piggles Worth Snort became friends. In fact, they were the best of friends and never argued over anything again since it wasn’t worth losing each other’s friendship.

As for the bull and a few ants – they got kicked out of the barn. But eventually they came back after they had learned their lesson and acted like angels for the rest of their lives. Piggles Worth Snort got sick of human food and just ate pig food (he especially disliked donuts). He even turned humble.