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How a Powerful Dream Taught Me to Respect My Sister

By Maria Ocampo


It was Friday about 3:15. I had just gotten back from school; I sat down on a table to do my homework.

“Hi, Mom.”

“Daniela, I need to talk with you.”

“About what?”

“Your dad and I have been thinking really hard about this, and you are getting a new sister.”

“What, but what about me?” I asked. “I don’t want a sister. Don’t you love me?”

“Yes, but…”

Without letting her finish, I rushed to my room crying. I closed my door and went to my fluffy bed. My bed sheets were blue, were as fluffy as a baby bunny’s fur, and usually helped me relax but not on this occasion, as I had so much anger that I threw my glass cup on the floor.

“What happened here?” Mom asked to herself.

My mom came in a few minutes later. She said that the way I was acting wasn’t the right way to act. My mom started talking about how my new sister was having a really hard time. She said that her parents had unfortunately died in an earthquake, so she had to go to a foster home. A few days later, she got adopted by some people who treated her badly. They didn’t give her enough food or water and treated her like a slave. She had to do all the chores in the house until one day she got tired of being treated poorly and escaped to the forest, and that is how they found her.

It was night, and I was in my bed when suddenly I felt like there was a thousand pounds on my eyelashes. I couldn’t keep them open, so I closed them. It was night, and I suddenly woke up and felt the ground move; I was scared and wanted to go to my parents’ room. The shaking stopped, so I went to look for my parents, but I couldn’t find them. Suddenly my eyelashes felt heavy. When I opened my eyes, I was in a foster home. I knew something had happened to my parents; I was scared and sad. I also cried, and that is when my eyelashes felt heavy again, so I closed my eyes. I opened my eyes, and I was in a farm. I was there for a few days with a horrible woman who never gave me food and treated me like a slave.

It was night, and it was cold; there was thunder outside. I had to escape. It was my only chance, so I headed to the woods. I was in the woods, away from the farm. I was cold and hungry, and that was when my eyelashes felt heavy again, so I closed them. And suddenly I opened my eyes, and I was on my bed.

“OMG! What just happened?” I asked myself

I felt the same way my sister felt: angry, sad, and hurt. I finally understood how she felt. I felt bad and guilty. I was so selfish because I only wanted my parents for myself, but I realized how bad she felt and what a tough time she was actually going through.

It was morning, and my mom and I were waiting for my new sister. My dad had gone to pick her up from the foster home. A few minutes passed, and that is when she came in, her hair brown and long. She was wearing a pink shirt.

“Hi, my name is Daniela, but you can call me Dani,” I said.

“Hi, my name is Violet.” she replied.

When I saw her, I respected her because I knew she had been through a lot. She was very strong, and I doubted whether I could be as strong as her.

“Want to go to my room?” I asked.

“Sure,” she responded.

Violet and I became best friends and best sisters.