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How A Puppy Found A Good Home

By Alondra Ramirez, Age 11, Richmond, CA


It was Friday afternoon, the end of a long school week. When the dismissal bell rang, I bolted out my classroom and ran outside into a warm spring breeze and vivid blue sky. Robins entertained me with their chirping, while yellow daisies smelled like berries but tasted like ice cream in the air. I felt relaxed and happy.

But my smile went away when my friend and I spotted an injured pit bull on the ground. It was a female, and she looked like she was hardly six months old. She wasn’t that big, and she was chubby and cute, with grey fur, a light shade of grey skin, and big blue eyes.

“This puppy is beaten up,” remarked my friend Ily. “We should help her.”

I agreed with her, picking the puppy up, and we rushed home to help her.

We finally made it to my house. The puppy wasn’t moving much, which scared me, and I hoped she wouldn’t die. She was bleeding, but Ily quickly bandaged the puppy up, trying to see if the bleeding would stop anytime soon.

I covered the puppy up with a blanket, and we searched online to find the nearest vet. We were in luck, because there was one close to my home. As we took her to get healed, I realized that my parents probably wouldn’t approve of what I was doing right now.

After a while, the vet healed the pit bull, but it cost almost three hundred dollars! Fortunately, I was able to pay from my savings. Ily and I were finally able to see the puppy again. She was really happy and looked as if she was smiling at me, running around with her tail wagging. I petted her, and some of her fur was shaved off, but she was still as cute, and the fur that was left felt as soft as a cloud.

I was glad that the puppy was healed, but as Ily and I walked home with her, I wondered who would actually want the puppy. I wanted the puppy, but remembered that I had two older dogs of my own, and knew my parents wouldn’t let me keep another. As I mentioned this, Ily suddenly started jumping, saying, “Why don’t I keep the puppy?”

I didn’t want her to keep the puppy, but I didn’t really know why. We started arguing with each other, and Ily stormed away. As angry as I was, I had to think rationally. Let Ily have the puppy, or give the puppy to a shelter? I was being unreasonable and jealous. I decided that I should let Ily have the puppy; I knew in the back of my mind that she’d take good care of her.

I knocked on Ily’s big brown front door and we both apologized for arguing with each other. I gave her the puppy, and we both smiled.

She named the puppy Lilly, and also said that I would be able to come over anytime to see the puppy. Nowadays, I visit Ily and Lilly almost every day. And whenever Ily is busy or away, she lets me take care of Lilly. Lilly is now a healthy puppy in a good home.

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  1. Samantha /

    This story was great. I loved the puppy included was a pit bull. I have a pit bull of my own. I hate how people always judge them and say that they are “fighting dogs” or “aggressive dogs.” I like your story showed their true nature — friendly and loving.