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How Alex and Rigo Became Friends Forever

By Andrew Nguyen, age 12, San Pablo, CA


One day they were two kids name Alex and Rigo. Alex was tall, skinny, had black hair and blue eyes and Rigo had short black hair and green eyes. Although they both were new students at their school, they were in different classes. One day they both bumped into each other.

“Sorry,” Alex apologized.

“It’s okay,” Rigo replied.

After that, they started talking in class, then Alex and Rigo had a lunch break.Since then, they both were friends and they started hanging out with one another.

One day, one of the boys took the other boy to their house. Rigo’s parents loved Alex and Alex’s parents loved Rigo. Every time they went to school they would see each other and say “hi”. One day Rigo asked Alex if he wanted a sleepover at his house, but Alex didn’t know if he should go because he had known Rigo for only a short period time. Alex asked his mom about it and Alex’s mom said he should think about it before going to Rigo’s house.

While Alex was thinking about it, he knew he wanted to go. Then he was getting ready to go to Rigo’s house. When Rigo picked up Alex, Alex was excited to go. Although Rigo and Alex had started liking each other as friends, Rigo asked Alex about being best friends. Alex had not thought about that yet.

After the sleepover was finished, it was a school night and they both texted each other about the sleepover they had.

The next day was a normal school day. When school ended Rigo was getting bullied by other students that were older than him.

“STOP!” Rigo yelled.

“HEY!” Alex shouted.

After a few more minutes Alex told them to go away. Although the kids were bullying Rigo, they ran away from Alex.

“Thanks,” Rigo said.

“You’re welcome,” Alex replied.

So, from then on they both always played sports together. Now they felt like they were brothers because of what they both did for each other. Whenever they needed each other they would always come and help.

So, then Alex told his mom what happened when Rigo was getting bullied by other kids.

“Mom I helped Rigo at school yesterday since there was a bully at school bullying Rigo,” Alex explained to his mother.

“That was a nice thing to do for him,” Alex’s mom replied.

So after that Rigo and Alex became friends forever.   And that is how Alex and Rigo became friends forever.