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How I Helped My Friend Confront the School Bully

By Hannya Garduño

It was a cold winter night in New York. I was a little scared because I had just changed houses, and in my new house, I had seen a rat; I’m scared of rats. However, the really bad thing about shifting was that I didn’t have even one friend. There was something good, though; in the other house, I had to share a bathroom with other people, which I didn’t like. In this house, however, I have my own bathroom.

Today was my first day of school, and the streets to school were very nice; they were like ice rinks covered with snow. When I reached school, I felt nervous as I was entering middle school without a friend. At first there was history class in which there was a girl named Alice. Alice had yellow hair, skin which was as white as milk, and eyes as blue as the sky. She looked at me and asked me if I would like to be friends; she looked sweet and friendly, so I said “yes.” I was ecstatic, but when we left for break, I saw something that I did not like—some guys threatening Alice.

On seeing this, I told the guys, “Don’t say that to her.”

“Who are you to tell me what to say?” one of the guys said.

Alice felt extremely bad and went running and crying; when she ran away, I tried to follow her, but I could not catch up and lost her. She disappeared into one of the many rooms. After a while of searching, I thought to look in the cafeteria and saw her sitting and crying. Just when I was going to try to calm her, the bell rang, and she fled.

The next day I thought Alice was going to be there, but when I arrived, I felt everything was very dark. Yesterday had been pink; today was black. When I arrived at school, I thought I would find her in the classroom, but when I did not, I felt a knot in my throat. I had a bad feeling when I was looking for her. I found the people that were bothering Alice, and this time they were hitting her and pulling her hair.

I heard one of the guys say, “You have to give me all your homework, or we’ll keep on hitting you.”

I did not know what to do. I had three options: I could stop it with my own hands, I could call the police, or I could tell a teacher. I was very worried, so my decision was to call the police.

“Hello, I urgently need your help. Some people are hitting my best friend. Can you please help?” I said.

“Okay, don’t worry, just send us your location,” the policeman said.

“It’s at the school that’s on New York Avenue,” I said.

When the police arrived, the guys who were bullying Alice were caught, and when they were, we all had to go to the school office. I was in the office as a witness, Alice was a victim, and those who bullied her were the guilty parties. It was a trial. When my parents arrived, they felt proud of me.

Alice told her parents everything, and I verified. She was extremely grateful and kept thanking me. From that day, I got a best friend for life, and Alice understood the need and learned how to defend herself.