Amazing Kids! Magazine

How I Met My Shoes

By Jada Howells, Age 10, Ohio


Part 1

Once upon a time I, Tina Two-shoes was walking in a magical forest-garden in my socks when suddenly I found SHOES! I had heard of these things before, but I had never seen them. They looked so cool. So I put them on, they felt so warm and soft, I was definitely keeping these! Since no one was here, no one had claimed them. It must be ok?! As I was walking home, I could suddenly feel my toes bleeding! OMG! MY SHOES ATE ALL My TOES! AAAAAHHHHH! I couldn’t walk so I tried to crawl home, I couldn’t. Eventually I died in that horrible magic forest-garden, at least the town found my body. Ever since then the town banded shoes from the kingdom. FOREVER!


Part 2

After they banded shoes from the kingdom there was that one kid from school named Paul, I was his guardian angel. Paul knew he would never be able to look, touch, even think about shoes. One day, Paul went to go walk in the magical forest-garden. While he was walking he couldn’t believe his eyes, he saw SHOES? As soon as he saw this, he was so scared he couldn’t move. Then out of nowhere, the shoes had teeth, claws, a face, and legs! The shoes tried to attack Paul! When Paul saw this he ran as fast as he could, but then he tripped and when he did so the shoes got him by the ankle and SNAP!, they broke his ankle. Paul screamed out pain and yelled as loud as he could. Right when the shoes were about to eat him the ghost of Tina Two-shoes appeared. Paul didn’t know if he was scared of the ghost or relieved that she came to help him… hopefully. Once Paul had calmed himself down he realized Tina was helping him. The ghost of Tina Two-shoes grabbed the shoes in this process she found a lighter and BAM, the shoes were destroyed and on fire. Once we knew the shoes were destroyed for good we put the fire out.  Tina took me to the hospital where by the way only I could see her. I ended up in a cast for SIX WEEKS! As far as Tina, we’re best friends but no one knows, and she lives with me now. So there you go you heard our story and now we live happily ever after.