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How Seasons Came to Be

By Lindell Smith Jr


Once upon a time, there were four children. None of the children knew each other, nor did they ever see each other. Their names were Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter. But none of them had parents. They were not born like most children. Each child came from outer space, and were just a glow of light shooting through the galaxy. 30,000 light years away from Earth, was a planet called Shoden. Shoden had a brutal Emperor that ruled the planet, and his name was Emperor Kelh. Emperor Kelh was the type of government that Earthrealmers call a dictatorship. He had absolutely no concern for anyone but himself. He was brutal to his people, didn’t feed them, took away all of their homes to combine them into one giant mansion for himself, and locked the people up who disobeyed him in the jail cell on the other side of the planet. This continued for four years, until the people decided that finally, enough was enough. The people who were not in jail had come up with a plan to dethrone the cruel leader. They had decided to attack the leader himself because he had no security. Emperor Kelh didn’t want security because he believed that his security would try to kill him. All of the people decided to go to the prison, where there were no guards, because Emperor Kelh believed that one of the guards would try and release the criminals. But the people did not know that the cells had keyholes to them, which were held by the emperor. So they decided to send half of the group members to sneak into the emperor’s mansion and steal the key, while the other half discussed to the criminals what the plan was. But the people sent their sneakiest, because the emperor had installed many defense systems to keep him safe from the outsiders. So once the sneaky members had been sent to the mansion, they were immediately met with their first defense system, which was simply a retina scan. They knew that none of them would be able to do it, so instead, they looked for a different way in. Then one member saw an open window, in which the group had to climb into. They decided to get onto each other’s shoulders and climb inside. One after another, one climbed in, and pulled the other one in. Then the people made a ladder by holding each other’s feet, as the person on the bottom grabs the person on the ground, and pulls them inside. Once they are all successfully inside, they turn around, and see the emperor sleeping. Next to the emperor was the keys to the cell. They all went to the emperor’s bed and grabbed the key. Then they all created a ladder to get out of the mansion, and just as the last person got out of the window, the emperor jolted up, expecting to see someone their. But the emperor remembered that he opened the window to see if he could hear people climbing inside, but he didn’t hear or see anyone, so he calmly went back to sleep. Luckily for the people, Emperor Kelh had only installed the defense systems for the front and back of the mansion, and for the door to his room. The people traveled back to the jail cells, and unlocked the cells to let the criminals out. Everyone knew the plan, so they all went back to the Emperor’s mansion. The people didn’t just want to get rid of the Emperor, they wanted to destroy everything that he had built, because everything that he had built, other than the cell, were in his mansion. The plan was that the people split up into two groups. One group would go after the Emperor, while the other group starts destroying the mansion. The group that was destroying the mansion had to start destroying the mansion after the other half got through the window. Once the people were in through the window, they had to go down stairs to unlock the door for the people outside to get in. Emperor Kelh woke up, thinking that he heard something from downstairs, so he grabbed his weapons from under his bed, which was pretty much a plasma gun that shot huge amounts of energy towards the person that he pointed it at. He slowly walked downstairs, to see the people coming into his home. He pointed the weapon at the people, the people walking inside saw the Emperor, and avoided the blast, but the people opening the door were not so lucky. Now, only half of the people were left at this point. The rest of the people charged inside and ran towards the Emperor, and tried to avoid his blasts from the weapon. He fired his weapon many times, but only successful to hit ten people. The rest were able to jump onto the Emperor and disarm him. They threw the Emperor into a giant dresser, which was holding four jars with balls of glowing light. One ball was orange, one was white, one was green, and one was yellow. The jars fell onto the floor with a big smash. The balls of glowing light started to fly away, but nobody noticed. As the balls of glowing light were floating away, the Emperor realized something that he never thought he would ever think. The Emperor realized that he was outnumbered, and that he couldn’t win. But he did not want the people to win and celebrate on their victory over him. So he was willing to do the one thing he could do to keep the people from winning. He had a trigger in his pocket. The trigger was the trigger that he had to blow up the planet. The Emperor had this trigger in case he was ever dethroned, or if he felt like pushing the button because he was bored. The Emperor took one last look at his mansion, then he looked at the people charging at him. As the balls of glowing light had flied away from the planet, the Emperor closed his eyes, and pushed the button. There was a huge explosion, destroying everyone and everything on Shoden. That was the last of Shoden, the last of the people on the planet, and that was the last of Emperor Kelh. The only thing that represented Shoden was the balls of glowing light that were currently flying away from the destroyed planet. The glowing balls started their journey towards the planet that was 30,000 light years away, Earth.

After 30,000 light years, the glows of light had finally reached Earth. At that time, Earth was just a place with people, schools, dirt, buildings, stores, vehicles, police, firefighters, doctors, and trees with only green leaves. The people of Earth have never known the word hot, cold, warm, or cool. The temperature was always at 50 degrees with a slight breeze, but that was the weather all year round. Little did everybody know, that their lives would be changed forever. As kids were in school, the glows of light started to separate from each other and go to different parts of the Earth. The glows of light started to spread out even more, until the point where they were all completely separated. Then they were all entering the Earth’s atmosphere, and falling to the ground at full speed. But once they were an inch from the ground, they stopped. Then they all slowly landed on the ground, and turned into children. There were four new members to Earth, and their names were Summer, Autumn, Spring, and Winter. Summer, the orange ball of glowing light, was a girl, and she had orange hair and light brown eyes. Summer sent off a heat wave, though, because she had a special ability of being able to burn anything with the touch of a finger, and she also made people feel hot when she was around them. Then there was Autumn, the yellow glow of light, was also a girl. Autumn had yellow hair, and had leaves in her hair, which were red, yellow, and orange. She had dark brown eyes. She had the ability to put a person or animal into a deep sleep when she touches them. She makes the leaves on trees fall off and change color when she touches them, and when she touches a non-living object, it turns into a pile of red, yellow, and orange leaves. Spring, the green ball, was also a girl, who had green hair with flowers on it, and green eyes. Spring had freckles, and was very pretty. She sent off a good vibe towards other people. Spring had the power to bring any dead thing back to life with a touch. She always put people in a good mood when she was around them. And last, but not least, the only boy, Winter. Winter, the white ball, had white hair and blue eyes. Anything that Winter touched froze. Winter always had a cold vibe around other people. None of these children knew about their abilities, or where they came from. The only thing that these kids knew was what their names were. The children started their journey towards life. Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter were all in different hemispheres of the world. Summer was in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring in the East, Autumn in the West, and Winter in South. They didn’t know it, but the minute that they came in contact with human life, they would change the world forever.

Summer was the first one to come in contact with human life, and she asked somebody where she was. When they were getting ready to answer, they were sweating, and then they were extremely hot, and ran away. Then there was Autumn, the second person to come in contact with human life. When she saw somebody, she ran towards them to ask them where she was. She tapped the man’s shoulder, and the man fell onto the ground. Autumn started freaking out. She tried to wake the man up, but he stayed asleep. She was going to call for help, but she was scared about what people would think when they saw her next to the unconscious man. She decided to run away. Then there was Spring, who saw the next person. The person was a kid about the same height. She asked him where she was. The boy laughed, then said Earth. Spring thanked him, and as she started to walk away, the boy screamed out that he thought Spring was pretty, and Spring smiled towards him. Winter was the last to find civilization. He went up to someone and asked the same question that the others had asked. The woman was getting ready to answer, when she felt a sudden chill up her spine. The woman was frightened that something might be wrong with her, so she went to the hospital. Summer was curious, and touched a building. The building started to catch fire in that one spot, but she walked away, and the fire decreased and turned into nothing but a dark spot on the building. Summer was starting to get the feeling that she had special abilities. Autumn was still traumatized about what had just happened. She touched a street light to hold herself up, and the light turned into a pile of leaves in  which she fell on top of. Autumn got the same feeling as Summer had. Spring was walking away feeling happy about the compliment that she had received, and then saw a dead squirrel on the sidewalk. She picked it up, and it immediately came to life. Spring was so shocked, that she didn’t feel happy that she just saved an animal until afterwards. Spring also got the feeling about her special abilities. Winter was the last person to realize he had abilities. He touched a puddle out of curiosity, but then the puddle froze. Winter then knew about his abilities. Now that the children knew about their abilities, they had to figure out how to carefully approach people. Summer walked by a lamp post and saw it start to melt without her touching it. Summer now knew why the person had run away from her. Autumn touched another person, and that person also fell on the ground. Autumn realized why the first person she touched had fallen onto the ground. Spring saw a boy crying, and walked up towards him. But the minute she was a foot away, the boy looked up with a huge smile stretching across his face. Spring then felt a little uncomfortable about her power of positivity. Winter walked by a car, and he saw frost starting to form on the front of the window, and realized why the woman in the beginning ran away from him. All of the children realized what their powers were, but none of them were really happy with them. Even Spring, who liked her powers in the beginning, was beginning to feel uncomfortable about how everyone was always smiling towards her. Summer, Autumn, Spring, and Winter started to walk away from the civilization that they were currently in. They decided to go to the place that they all felt the most comfortable, far away from civilization. They then started their long journey towards a place that had absolutely no civilization in sight.

After a couple of days of walking the children all reached their destination far away from civilization. They were not hungry or thirsty because they all had special abilities that kept them from being hungry or thirsty. The only thing about the destination, was that the destination left all of them face to face with each other. They all looked at each other, and were very confused. But at the same time, they were all curious, so they did the one thing that would change the world forever. They all slowly walked towards the middle, and put their index fingers in the middle. All of a sudden, there was a non-destructive explosion. The children had turned back into glowing balls of light, combined together, and exploded. In the Northern Hemisphere, it was hotter than usual, it was 30 degrees more than the usual 50. Everyone felt hot, and were scared of what was happening. The dirt then turned into grass all over the world. In the Western hemisphere, all of the leaves went from green to red, yellow, and orange. Then the temperature stayed in the 50 degree area, but felt a little bit cooler than usual. When the leaves started to fall off of the trees, the adults were shocked, but the kids ran over to the leaves in amazement. In the Eastern Hemisphere, the temperature was a little bit warmer than usual. And instead of grass growing, their were flowers all over the dirt, and the trees started to blossom. Everyone felt happy, and loved the new beautiful look. In the Southern Hemisphere, it was much colder than it used to be. The temperature had dropped from 50 degrees to 20 degrees. Everyone started shivering and were really cold, but what happened next left all of the kids elated. It started to snow, and the kids were amazed, as were the adults. The leaves fell off of the trees, but the people barely noticed. Everyone all around the world were amazed with their new weather and climate. It only took a few weeks for people to get used to the new weather. Then, a few months later, some philosophers came up with the words warm, cold, cool, and hot. They also called each season Summer, Winter, Autumn, and Spring. People started to build and construct materials that would help people adapt to the new weather and seasons. After that day, the world was changed forever. This is why we now have seasons and how. This is the story about how seasons came to be.