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In The Future

By Justin Ho


“Wake up, Xk 2319.” announced a cool, feminine voice.

Xk 2319 immediately awoke, and looked at his iWatch, which displayed the time: 7:01 AM, September 23, 3023. Reluctant to rise from his slumber, Xk 2319 dozed off again, surrounded by the relaxing gell-like fluid of his Sleep Number Tube™.

Xk 2319 had been a holomarketer for 10 years. Every event in his life had led up to this job. Xk 2319 was destined to be a salesman, but he hated it.

Xk 2319 awoke violently as he was ejected from the sleeping tube. His company had installed this feature as a safety measure, to be sure the employees would not oversleep. Xk 2319 stumbled to the sink, where he disinfected his teeth with a metallic tasting mouthwash. He looked at himself in the mirror to make sure his hair was blue, as was the custom fashion of the time. He switched on his climate controlled business attire, and gobbled a rudimentary breakfast. Xk 2319 then grudgingly departed for work.

Later, Xk 2319 retired to the break room after a morning filled with procrastination and distraction. He tightly grasped a pill that would cause immediate, restful sleep. He headed over to a pile of cushions located in the corner of the room, where coworkers already lay, unconscious. Xk 2319 took the pill, and quickly fell to sleep.

Half an hour later, he awoke, fully rested, but still discouraged and disheartened at the seemingly useless task still ahead of him. Xk 2319 sat down at his desk, and proclaimed, “Contact number 357,687,424.”

“Calling number,” repeated the same feminine voice that woke him in the morning. The hologram of a middle aged pudgy man appeared before him.

“Hello, sir, thank you for having me.”

“Who are you and what do you want?”

“I am a representative of PearTech, and was wondering if you would be interested in purchasing…”

“I ain’t interested. Remove me from yer calling list,” demanded the fat man.

Dead silence. Xk 2319 called the next number on his list. “Hello ma’am, thank you for having me. I am a representative of PearTech, and was wondering if you would be interested in purchasing a new hologram projector?”

“I sure would! As a matter of fact, where can I get one right now?”

“Really, I…”

“NOPE. Ha! Ha! You really fell for that one, stupid holomarketers.”

Dead silence again. Xk 2319 sank down in his chair. He took a deep breath, and closed his eyes. This was not the first time people had disrespected him, and he was certain that if he continued his job, it would not be the last. Xk 2319 stood up, and headed towards the manager’s office. Xk 2319 was done for the day. However, he was not going to leave before he was paid. He knocked gently on the manager’s door.

“Excuse me sir. Is my paycheck ready?”

“Yes, yes. Come in, Xk 2319.”

Xk 2319 entered the large, comfortable office. He bowed slightly. “Most noble Matthias IV of Scotland, I respectfully request payment,” stated Xk 2319, as he had been taught to do since he was young.

Matthias scanned a chip in Xk 2319’s wrist, which had been implanted at birth. A sum of money was automatically transferred from Pear Tech’s digital account to Xk 2319’s own digital account. Xk 2319 reverently bowed his head as he silently exited the office.

Hurriedly, Xk 2319 made his way to the portal room. He keyed in his area code, and a large, pentagonal portal opened up, and upon entering it, Xk 2319 instantly appeared home. He took a deep breath, and plopped down on his futon. He silently meditated on the events of that day. Xk 2319 was burned out. He needed to do something to lift his spirits. Tired of reality, he delved into his own world, one created by technology, a virtual game. In this world he was master; he held control over everything. He created structures in accordance to his every whim; he gathered resources to fuel his innovations. He fought back hostile enemies, and forged mighty weapons.

In reality, Xk 2319 was a servant, the bottom of the food chain. But in this game, he was master, lord of all, invulnerable. The game enabled him to escape reality, the stress and difficulty of his life. After hours of immersion, Xk 2319 signed off.

He disinfected his teeth, ate his nightly meal, and changed into his sleep attire. He climbed into the fluid of the Sleep Number Tube, and quickly fell into a deep slumber.

He dreamt. Dreamt about the past, the times when people read books, drove cars, and ate for enjoyment. Dreamt about the times when people’s lives and actions were governed by their own thought, not the wills of large corporations. Dreamt about the times before the Great War. Dreamt about a life, where he would be an individual, would determine his own fate, and would not be entangled in his endless routine. Where he could truly be free.

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  1. Ken He /

    The part Xk 2319 got tricked by the woman is funny.