Amazing Kids! Magazine

Isabel’s First Yummy Treat

By Rosie Rios, Age 12, California


“Happy birthday to you…,” sang the Howard family and friends to baby Isabel during a soothing sunny Saturday afternoon birthday party. Baby Isabel finally celebrated her 1st birthday party. Her eyes gazed at the cake that Saturday.

Isabel turned one on October 26. She was as tall as a dwarf. Her cute frizzy hair was like an ocean wave with an adorable smile. Her skin was caramel brown. Her eyes were gigantic for the yummy mango cake with the white as snow vanilla frosting. Although it wasn’t spring, she had a beautiful spring dress. Her dress had flowers, butterflies, and blue as dolphins in the background.

Her eyes seem to be saying, “I want that yummy cake all for myself!”

When she got her piece of cake, all you could hear was her munching on the mango cake. After she was munching and munching on the cake, her mommy asked her, “Could mommy have some cake because mommy wants some?”

With the look of her, she said “I’m not giving mommy any cake. It’s all for me!”

She was stingy with her cake. She was eating as slowly as a sea turtle struggling to get in the sea.

After Isabel kept munching and munching on the cake, she was all sugared up, and stared to throw up. Mr. Howard was so worried that all you could see is him walking back and forth. The smell was so disgusting. Mr. and Mrs. Howard had to clean up the mess and they called the doctor.

The doctor was a young and beautiful. She had straight as a ruler hair, skin that was peach colored, and her eyes were gray as a dolphin. She had white pants with a hot pink shirt that had teddy bears.

Her eyes seem to be saying, “OOH, this girl is really sick.”

When the doctor checked her, she began to calm down. She felt her stomach and said that she ate too much sugar. The doctor gave her medicine to calm her stomach ache and the throwing up. She drank her medicine for a week. After a week, she saw cake and she ate some more and the problem started up again.