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Jack and the Fish

By Jiya Singh, age 9


Justin and Emma were siblings. They were on vacation at their Uncle Jake’s beach house when, at 4: 30 in the morning, Emma decided that they should look for treasure. The siblings got dressed and ran out onto the sand. Both of them headed for the shed. Emma grabbed a shovel and Justin grabbed a detector. While Emma toiled and shoveled for treasure, Justin walked around the whole beach with the detector. Unfortunately, Justin’s luck wasn’t very good. So far, the detector had only detected soda cans, an old baby blanket, and a baby bottle. Suddenly, a sharp screeching “BEEP! BEEP!” emanated from the detector. “BEEP BEEP!” the detector called.

“Emma, come here and shovel!” Justin hollered.

Emma glanced up at her grinning brother. “Alright, I’ll come!” she said.

She trotted over and started digging until her shovel hit something hard with a loud “CLANK!” An old box sat there. It read “Time Capsule 1988 Libra Family”. Emma and Justin gingerly opened the box and inside was a fish with water in a cup. Underneath the cup was a scroll of paper. They unraveled the paper. It read:

Dear Libra Family,

I have cancer so I will soon die. In this Time Capsule is a talking fish. He grants each family 3 wishes. I had this fish with my 2 grandsons but I feared they would use the fish for bad things. Anyway, the fish has been in our family for generations and generations so don’t lose it.

From, Jack

Jack? Cancer? They had a great-grandpa who died from cancer?!


Mom, Dad, and Uncle Jack came running out of the house. “Time Capsule! Where’d you find it?!” they all blurted out.

So Emma and Justin told them the whole story about the time capsule, fish, and letter.

Dad and Uncle Jake looked at each other. “The talking fish! We used to play with it when we went to grandpa’s house!” Uncle Jake said.

“Yeah, until the fish vanished away,” Dad reminded him.

“Why don’t we wish for him to come back alive?” Mom suggested.

So they did.

In a couple seconds, Jack was standing there— an old man with a beard, grinning from ear to ear. His first words upon resurrection were, “Thank you!” Then he took a good look at the world around him.

“You know what?” Jack asked.

“What?” Emma inquired.

“I don’t care what you do with that fish anymore! Use it to make any wish in the world come true!” he generously told them.

Thus, Emma wished for peace on Earth and Justin wished for no more diseases to ever terrorize the world. Then they all lived happily ever after with their Great-Grandpa Jack.


  1. Simrat /

    Nice story..Keep the good work going!!

  2. Ramanpal Singh /

    What an interesting story. If young minds start getting concerned of peace on Earth then I am sure we are heading for safe future.

  3. Jasvinder /

    Great story, thanks for posting