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Jesse: The Selfish Basketball Player

By Irving Fernandez

In the beautiful city of San Francisco, it was spring, the flowers were blooming, the sun was shining, and birds were singing their beautiful song. In a nearby basketball arena, there was a basketball championship going on. Jesse was one of the best in the competition; he scored most of his team’s points, but his team did not like that. Jesse never passed the ball; he was a ball hog. His coach always told him that it’s a team game and not a one-man show.

“Jesse, pass the ball more,” insisted Coach Tyler.

“Coach, I am good; I could win this whole tournament by myself if I wanted to,” responded Jesse

“Jesse, you need to learn to respect the game!” said Coach Tyler.

“I don’t need to respect anything,” said Jesse.

“Okay then, and I don’t need you in my team, Jesse. Get out of here!”

“Fine!” replied Jesse angrily.

At school Jesse’s friends Zack, Christopher, and De’ Aaron were trying to calm down Jesse, who was still angry from what happened the previous day. Jesse usually was good in school, but after getting kicked off the team, his attitude changed. He started doing poorly; he got in trouble and flunked classes. Jesse tried to join other basketball teams, but he could not because their roster was filled or he was too young or too old. Finally, Jesse was recommended a team by Zack.

“Thanks, bro,” said Jesse happily.

“No problem, Jesse,” responded Zack.

Five months later…

Jesse started passing the ball more, and he still averaged 26.4 points per game. Jesse enjoyed how he played, but he did not like that he was coming off the bench. Jesse proved that he was a star on the court, but still the coach said that he was better coming off the bench.

“Coach, I think I have showed that I can start next game,” said Jesse calmly.

“No, Jesse, you are not good enough,” responded the coach.

“But…” said Jesse before the coach interrupted him.

“No, Jesse!”

Jesse started getting mad.

“Coach, you need to start me. I’m the best in this team,” said Jesse arrogantly.

“Jesse, how about you just leave?” bellowed the coach.

Jesse left. He went home as mad as a hungry baby. When he got home, his elder brother Timmy asked him what was wrong.

“What’s wrong, Jesse?” asked Timmy.

“The coach won’t let me start the next game,” responded Jesse.

“Why don’t you go back to your old team?” asked Timmy.

“I got kicked out because I got too angry,” said Jesse disappointedly.

“Then change! You need to learn how to respect the game. Start passing the ball,” answered Timmy.

“You’re right, Timmy. I’m going to go back there and do that,” responded Jesse.

Jesse went back to the arena. He saw Coach Tyler and told him everything that had happened.

“Coach, I have learned to respect the game of basketball. Would you please let me back in the team?” requested Jesse.

“You’re exactly like your brother, you know,” said Coach Tyler. “You learn from your mistakes.”

Jesse returned to the game of basketball, and he led his team to the national championship, averaging 25.3 points per game, 7.6 rebounds per game, and 11 assists per game.

“You see, Jesse, you have lead us to the championship and earned my respect,” said Coach Tyler.

“Thanks, Coach. I would not have done it without you or Timmy,” responded Jesse.