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Jordan Being Popular

By Comfort Hanson, age 10, Ohio


Chapter 1: The Phone

Hi, I’m Jordan. I’m 13 years old. I live with my very rich uncle who loves to buy me things. We just moved to New Orleans, and tomorrow is my first day at Harden Woods Middle School. My uncle just gave me a speech on how moving to a new school is tough and gave me a present that will help me with communicating my feelings.

I’ve lived with my parents for half of my life, so I probably knew what it was, a journal. Did I get a surprise when I opened the box and saw a new phone! I could have been the most popular girl at school, but I didn’t have one of these, so I flew under the radar. I hung out with dorks, but all of that was about to change.

Chapter 2: The Popularity

When I got to school the next morning, everybody stared at me, and I had most of the attention. When I got to my locker, two girls (who are known as the gossip girls, Jane and Mandy) asked me to sit at their table at lunch. Whenever I walked across the hall, the students made a way for me! I felt like I was the most popular girl at school!

My teachers were nice to me, too! They made me welcome scones, I got to play music on my new phone while doing my work, and I got to choose a sport to do for gym class!

Chapter 3: The Party

After school, Mandy and Jane walked up to me and asked me a question.

“Would you like to come to our birthday bash?” they asked. “We will love it if you come!”

“Sure,” I replied. “Thanks for the invitation!”

I ran over to my house and asked my uncle if I could go.

“Uncle Bent, I got invited to a party. Can I go?” I asked.

“If you finish your homework on Friday, I will let you go,” he said.

“Thank you, Uncle Bent!” I shouted.

I was about to run over to the kitchen to ask our butler if we were having chicken pot pie or shepherd’s pie, but he stopped me before I left the living room.

“Before you ask, we are having shepherd’s pie tonight, not chicken pot pie,” he said. “Before you start whining, let me put on my earbuds.”

Apparently, our butler knows nothing about 13-year-olds because we do not whine.

Chapter 4: The Tryouts

I walk to my locker while hearing the latest gossip about the play. It’s a musical called The Music Man. I called my uncle to let him know that I’m staying after school for tryouts, and he was cool with it. So, I went to the auditorium after school, and I studied the words carefully and sang my heart out. I came to the point where the music stopped, and everybody clapped and cheered.

Was I that good? I thought. I thought I sang horribly.

I got to my seat, and everybody complimented me. I never thought I was that good. I just thought I would get a part in the chorus. Mandy texted me a video of me singing. I was good—no, better than good—I was awesome!

Chapter 5: Homework

Remember when my uncle told me that I had to finish my homework if I want to go to Mandy and Jane’s party tomorrow?

Well, right now I have four pounds of paper, front and back, inside my bookbag. I told my uncle that I’m going to do it at my maid’s house since she is a whiz at math and science, which is three-fourths of the homework I have in my bookbag. He said that he’s taking away my allowance for a month if I make her do all the work. I told him that I won’t do it because if I don’t get my weekly allowance, next year I have to get a job! I will do that when I get to the age of 16, but before that, I’m a free woman.

At 11:50 p.m. I finally got all of my homework done. I went home, picked out my outfit with the help of my dog named Cotton, and went to bed.

Chapter 6: The Spill

Today is the day of the party! I am so excited! All of the jocks and cheerleaders will be there, and it will be at a country club! My uncle owns one, but I’m not allowed to come since I’m under age. (I know I’m allowed in, but my uncle knows that I will be shocked if I find out what he and his friends do in there. P.S.: I already know.)

I put on the cutest dress that I bought at the mall and still had time to pick out the perfect present for Mandy and one for Jane.

At this awesome teen store at the mall, I saw the most beautiful boots that will look fabulous on Jane! I bought it on sale for just $25.99.

At said teen store I bought the cutest accessory for Mandy! A primrose bow with teal polka-dots cost me $15.

I still had a little time, so I went to Chocolate’s market and bought me a mini chocolate pool. Just as I was about to take a sip, some skater guy bumped into me, and I spilled hot melted chocolate on the dress that cost me $78.99!

Chapter 7: Dashing Through the Mall

I only had 30 minutes to get this dry cleaned, get shoes, and get home for my uncle to take me to the party before it’s too late!

I dashed to the dry clean place and got it done in 15 minutes. Now I have 15 minutes to do all those other things.

I went to Shoes-R-Us and got some black flats 50 percent off. Now I have 10 minutes to get home.

I walked over to the bike rack and rented a bike. I rode all the way to my house with five minutes to spare.

Chapter 8: My New EF (Enemy Forever)

My uncle drove me to the country club, and Mandy, Jane, and some other popular girls were helping them set up. That’s when Jane came up to me and said, “Jordon, it’s about time you choose.”

“Choose what?” I asked.

“Choose a dork that will be your best friend,” Mandy interrupted.

“Why?” I asked.

“Each one of the popular kids has to choose a dork to bring up to popularity,” she explained. “I brought up Jane; I am trusting you to choose someone special.”

“I choose…Zoey,” I said.

“The shy dancer?!” Jane said. “Excellent choice!”

I walked up to Zoey, held my dress tightly, and asked her in these simple words: “Zoey, will you be my best friend?”

I was really surprised when I heard her say the words that broke all my dignity into pieces: “No, get away from me.”

I was going to ask her why, but my mouth said these words: “Have fun staying here with them because now that I’m third in line for queen, until we go to college, you’re not invited to the party of the year!”

I looked to see that everybody was laughing at her and telling her that she should’ve said yes. I looked into her watery eyes and immediately felt sorry for her. I knew how difficult school life can be if you fly under the radar and how sad it can be if you get embarrassed. Her friends, Sara and Mia, looked at me like I don’t feel sorry for her already. I went back to Mandy and Jane, who helped me with my vanilla perfume at the perfume bar. I went home early after I finished dancing. As soon as I got home, I sulked on my floor until I fell asleep.

Chapter 9: The List

Today is Monday. I got dressed, ate breakfast, then went to school.

Then I saw our music teacher hang up the list of people who got through tryouts. I ran over to the list and saw that I got the lead! I’ve never been so excited in my whole life! I ran over to Mandy and Jane to tell them the good news.

They stared at me for quite a while and didn’t say a word. I looked at them and the other girls standing behind me, just to be safe. Then they ran to class, probably for doughnuts at Miss Jay’s classroom.

I went over to Mandy’s house to see why she’s not answering my calls and messages and not talking to me at school.

“Mandy, why are you acting so weird around me?” I asked.

“Zoey,” she said. “Her dad, our music teacher, was told by someone who shall remain nameless to make you lead, so she can make you pay.”

“How did you know that?” I asked.

“I got caught up in the latest geek gossip,” she replied. “You have to quit and give the opportunity to someone else.”

“Or I can apologize,” I added.

“Stop! Don’t apologize! You might lose your place in popular city!” she yelled.

“Can I do it in secret?” I asked.

“Fine, but it will be a bit too risky,” she said.

I left Mandy’s house and went back home for dinner. I cannot believe Zoey was allowed to do that.

I’ve never been so sorry about what I said to her. I decided to talk to her before school starts; that will be an excellent idea.

Chapter 10: Apologies and Hugs

When I got to school, Zoey was in the hall advertising the play. I walked up to her, and she just looked at me and groaned.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“I want to say sorry for Saturday,” I said. “You really hurt me when you said no and a rude comment after it. I was rude to you back, and my words tasted really bitter in my mouth. I’m not asking to be best friends, but can we just be friends?”

“Is this a prank?” she said.

“No, this is reality,” I said.

“Oh, then I’m sorry, too,” she said.

We both hugged, and for the rest of the day I felt good now that I had Zoey, Mia, and Sara as new friends.

I learned two things from my first two weeks at Harden Woods Middle School: that popularity isn’t as fun as you think and that I will never, ever hurt anyone’s feelings, even if they hurt mine. Now I can put all that behind me. I am free at last!

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