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By Aoife Fitzpatrick, age 11, Ireland


I am a dog. This is my story.

My name is Lassieus DorRemus Shaffoldus Dog. But please, call me Lassie. I detest fancy names. I am 14 years old. That is two years for you humans.

I live on Honeysuckle farm with my mother, father, and siblings. I hate all of them except for my brother Charlie. He is two years older than me, but we get on like a house on fire.

I wouldn’t say Honeysuckle farm is a bad place because that would be lying, although nothing much happens around here. Just day after day, watching animals, other nonsense like

that. It gets boring.

So I ran away.

It started when I had had enough of my siblings. I had to get away. I was just leaping over the gate when a German Shepherd pup stopped me.

“Are you Lassieus—” he began.

“No fancy names,” I said, aggravated.

“Okay. Are you Lassie Dog?” the pup asked.

“Um, yes,” I said slowly.

“Then you are needed.”

“Listen, you’ve got the wrong—” I began.

Press your collar tag,” said the pup.

I reluctantly put a paw on my tag. It turned into an amethyst pendant with a glittering golden gem. I gasped.

“See? You’re needed,” repeated the pup. “Now take my paw. By the way, I’m Chase,” he said.

I grabbed his paw, and we whirled off on a rollercoaster ride—well, what seemed like one.

When we stopped, we were standing on a dirty street. We heard evil laughter. Chase was shaking. “Th-Th-That’s G-G-Gabe M-McCabe, m-most evil p-p-person in the w-w-world,” he stammered.

I figured this pup was only about two months old. The evil laughter was closer now, and there were squeals.

Pup squeals.

Why had this pup brought me here?  What was I expected to do?

Suddenly there was a voice on loudspeaker.

“I am Gabriel Jonathan McCabe, and I will catch you doggies!” said the rough voice. I covered my silky ears. Suddenly a tank came rolling towards me. It was too late to move. Just as it passed over my paw, a sheepdog pushed me into the opposite side. My paw was throbbing and bleeding.

“Are you okay?” the burly dog asked.

“Look at my paw!” I cried.

“Oh! You’re Princess Lassie, I beg your pardon,” the sheepdog cooed. “I am Jakers, but call me Jake.”

I looked down at my paw, but the cut was gone. My pendant must’ve had healing powers.

“Let’s go kick some Gabe,” I said as Chase joined us.

We crept into Gabe’s truck just before it drove away. The truck was full of dogs in cages. We freed them with our claws as keys. Then we leapt into the front and started the epic battle. Turns out, a dog isn’t always man’s best friend.

Gabe roared and ran out. We kept attacking. We carried on until it was just me, Chase, and Jake.

Just before he grabbed us, Chase attempted to teleport us back home. But it wouldn’t work because mortals were in the area. He grinned. We knew we had lost.

Then Chase’s powers started working as Gabe closed his eyes. In the blink of an eye, we were gone.

We were at Jake’s farm. Jake turned to me.

“Will you be my…will you live with me?”

“And be your mate? Sure,” I said, smiling.

Chase looked sad.

“Aw, Chase, don’t worry. You’re our pup,” I said.

Chase was in awe.

And now, my friend, this tale has come to a close. I live happily with Jake and my pup, Chase. But I miss something.

I miss Charlie.

But wait—what is that chilling noise?


He’s back.

He is still alive.

No one is safe…

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