Amazing Kids! Magazine

Leprechaun Glitter

By Morgan Parr, age 9, Wisconsin


Chapter 1: Green Glitter

There are two more days until St. Patrick’s Day. This year, I want to celebrate it my own Irish-style way. I usually bake emerald cookies with my babysitter. However, this year I want to make a card with emerald green glitter! First, I looked in my room in the closet that makes a squeaky mouse-like sound. Sadly, after looking under books and an old candy-bar wrapper from Halloween, there was still no glitter to be found. Suddenly, I started to think with my head. Pondering to myself, in my mind, I said, “If I cannot find any glitter, maybe I can be a little less bitter, as I could surely lure the leprechaun with a shamrock. By creating a cage directly above the leprechaun, to his demise the basket will drop, and he will not be able to escape because he will be blocked.”

Chapter 2: The Leprechaun Trap

When I designed my trap, I decided, “This is what I’ll do. All I need is string, green paint, wood, green pom-poms, tin foil, shamrock stickers, two pulleys, a medium-sized box, and strong glue.” The project ended up being a bit long. Undoubtedly, if the leprechaun thought he’d outsmart me, he would be wrong!

First, I painted the wood, and I had a lot of fun. Then I put on a second coat, and soon I was done! Next, I needed some help with the wood. Who could help me? Surely, my dad could! Daddy used his huge ax to cut the wood into shapes. Today was the day that I don’t know how that sneaky, little, green leprechaun could ever escape! Then, I resorted to what I learned in science at school. I used the pulleys as my main simple machine as a tool. Finally, I put one pulley on the left and one pulley up top. Excitedly, I let go of the string as the box seem to magically drop!

Chapter 3: Shamrock Shame

The next morning, I tested the trap a couple days before the big day: St. Patrick’s Day. All I could think about was that glitter he was going to give away. When I woke up, the clock said 7:48, and then I realized, “Oh, no, I’m too late!” I went in my room, knowing that I failed. I let my grandma down, and I planned to leave this plan and bail. Now her card is so plain. It’s like a single piece of weak, old grain without glam, glitz, or color. Was there a reason why I didn’t get any glitter? I was pretty mean to the little critter. My plan was to force the leprechaun to hand it over, to ingeniously lure him to my trap with a sticker of a four-leaf clover! What if I did something to make him forgive me? Perhaps give him four-leaf clovers or invite him for a cup of “green tea”? I decided that I was going to write him a letter. That’s it! I could apologize and make him feel better!

Chapter 4: The Lucky Letter

I worked for hours writing to the leprechaun on a very personal note. Finally, this is what I wrote:

Dear Mr. Leprechaun:

I would like to apologize for trying to capture you. I should have politely asked for green emerald glitter instead of being selfish and mean. My intentions were good, and I wanted this special glitter to give the world a little more color—especially in green. Glitter makes me happy when I can make cards for another person. Sometimes, we need to show kindness, and I certainly have room for improvement in my approach when I tried to set a trap for my own personal gain. That was rude, and I’m sorry for my actions that need to stop and slow down like a fast-moving train. However, I would like to ask for a do-over, think about my actions, and try something new. Instead, I will use my manners and say in the future, “Please, may I have some glitter?” And next time, a very thoughtful thank you would certainly do!

Your grateful friend,


Chapter 5: Lesson from the Leprechaun

Dear Morgan,

My name is Lucky the Leprechaun. I am lucky to have found you as a friend. A friend is worth more than all of the gold in the world from a rainbow from the north to the south end. You have learned a great lesson: Treat others with kindness, and accept others whether they are green, tiny, or small. Being a kind person is the greatest treasure of all. I will leave you some gold glitter that represents your heart and green emerald glitter, as your young life is off to an awesome start. You don’t need to trap a wee little critter like me because when you open your heart, kindness will set you free. The best part of being a leprechaun isn’t the gold that people try to find; it’s the color and differences a rainbow represents of all people that create equality and not a world of divide. Continue to be kind, and your life will be filled with gold as you grow up to be an amazing young girl with amazing stories to be told.


Lucky the Leprechaun