Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Nichole War, age 18, Virginia


What a beautiful, sunny morning it was in the giant tree house atop the massive oak where Squish the octopus lived with his trusty pal, Eddie. The bright sun peered into Squish’s window just enough to wake him up. Very hungry, he makes his way down the stairs to see Eddie reading the morning paper.

“Good morning, Squish,” Eddie said happily. “How about some breakfast? What would you like?”

“Pancakes!” Squish shouted with excitement. “With chocolate sauce, rainbow sprinkles, and jelly beans on top!”

“Chocolate? Sprinkles? Jelly beans?” Eddie asked. “That doesn’t sound very healthy. How about maple syrup instead?”

“Plain pancakes are boring. I promise that I will eat each and every bite,” Squish pleaded.

Eddie took a quick moment to decide. “Alright, I will make your crazy pancakes. But don’t be alarmed when you have an upset stomach.”

Squish jumped in delight, “Oh yes! Thank you Eddie!”

As he patiently waited for his breakfast, he looked up suddenly with shining eyes to see a steaming stack of pancakes drizzled in chocolate, decorated with jelly beans, with a dash of sprinkles. His antsy tentacles dived right into his scrumptious breakfast. Within minutes, it was all gone.

“My, my! You were certainly hungry!” Eddie said as he stared at Squish, who was smiling a messy, chocolate grin. “Time to clean up for school, we leave in fifteen minutes.”

Squish bolted up the stairs only to notice a slight sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. “Ohhhhh,” he cried.

Eddie walked upstairs only to discover Squish lying in his bed.“Squish! We will be late!” Eddie bellowed.

Squish replied with a groan and a whimper.

“Now, didn’t I warn you? I know what is best for you,” said Eddie.

“If you knew this was going to happen, why did you let me eat all those pancakes?”

He explained, “I let you make your own decision. I told you the consequence, but it wasn’t enough to change your mind.”

“You’re right,” the sickly octopus replied. “I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you, but they sounded so yummy.”

“You learned a very important lesson today. Just because it tastes good, doesn’t mean it’s good for you,” said Eddie.

Squish piped up with another request! “For dinner, may we have lettuce wrapped carrots with a side of tomatoes?”

“You’re a silly octopus, but you have the right idea,” Eddie giggled.