Amazing Kids! Magazine


By S.R Prince


Creak. Pat. Pat.

The sound of footsteps echoed through the halls.

Homeroom was filled with 9th graders, just back from lunch. They were sitting in desks, waiting.

“Hide.” Whispered the teacher, his wet forehead creased with anxiety. “Hide!” He cried, so the horrified students filed into the closet. It was almost as if the world was frozen.

Creak. Pat. Pat.

Footsteps came closer, louder. Then, bang. Bang again. “Help!” Someone screeched. The teacher tried to lock the door, but to no avail.

The shooter walked into the classroom and attacked the poor teacher, until he was nothing but a limp body asleep on the floor. Backpacks and books were scattered across the desks, but no students were visible.

The children were in the closets, waiting. The shooter left.

Creak. Pat. Pat. Police raced through the school, knocking on every classroom door. “Come on out, come on out! Put your hands over your head and walk!”

The weary, traumatized students filed out of the classroom, careful not to trip over the dead teacher, and marched quickly outside.

The light was rather blinding, and reporters and police were everywhere. “Find your parents!” Called the policeman, and the students scattered into waiting arms, shaking and sobbing.

One student in particular was sobbing the most. Her mother had come for her, but where was her sister? She was in a different class. “Mama, where’s Jenna?” The girl’s voice was strained and nervous. “Jenna!” Mama yelled, but her voice was barely audible under police sirens and reporters.

Suddenly, a few bodies were carried out of the school. “Jenna?” Whispered Mama, and followed her daughter to a covered body lying on a stretcher. “Those are her sneakers.” Said the girl in panic, and fell to the ground in despair. The Mama wailed into the grass, and everyone could hear her now.

This was a nightmare you could never wake up from. This was life.

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