Amazing Kids! Magazine

Lost In Sand

By Jorge Araujo, Age 15, California


Jimmy and his father had always enjoyed vacationing to some nearby sand dunes with friends and family. Every summer, Jimmy and his father would go ATV riding at the sand dunes. This yearly trip had become a big part of Jimmy’s childhood. Jimmy was an average 8 year-old-boy. He had hazel colored eyes, dark brown hair, and possessed the traits of an adventurous boy.

The ride to the location of the sand dunes was long. Jimmy had just woken up from a nap and anxiously looked through the window of his dad’s truck, looking for any signs that he and his family had arrived. Jimmy was especially excited for this year’s trip because his dad had bought him a small ATV of his own so that he could ride along with him.

“Are we almost there yet?” Jimmy asked while sighing. “It seems like we’ve been on the road forever.”

“We’ll arrive in about 10 minutes so don’t worry,” replied Jimmy’s dad. “You’ll have plenty of time to ride your ATV. Your uncle called me earlier while you were asleep to tell me that he and his family had already arrived. You’ll have lots of fun riding your ATV with your cousins who also got their own ATV’s.”

“Alright!” Jimmy yelled in excitement.

When Jimmy and his family arrived, Jimmy couldn’t help himself from looking out of his window. He saw many people riding their ATV’s, even kids like himself. Jimmy’s dad drove his truck through the sand to get to his brother’s portable mobile home. As soon as Jimmy and his father got to his uncle’s mobile home, Jimmy saw his two cousins riding their ATV’s. Jimmy quickly asked his dad to help him get his ATV off of his truck. As soon as Jimmy had his suit, helmet, and gloves on; he went off following his cousins to ride their ATV’s nearby where they could be supervised.

About 45 minutes passed when Jimmy and his cousin arrived back to their site. Jimmy saw his dad and his Uncle Felix getting into their protective gear when he asked, “Hey dad, where are you guys going?”

“Your Uncle Felix and I are going to the store to bring some sodas because we ran out,” Jimmy’s father replied. “Stay here with your Aunt Rosa and your cousins.”

“Alright…” Jimmy said back in a disappointed voice. Jimmy’s father and his Uncle Felix went off to the store and Jimmy could still see them as they rode off. Jimmy looked around and saw that his aunt was busy making food in the mobile home looking out through the window. When his aunt was distracted, he turned on his ATV and went off after his dad and uncle because he wanted to go with them. Mid-way through his voyage, Jimmy started feeling lost and scared so he decided to turn around and go back.

Jimmy turned around, went straight back, and had a sigh of relief when he saw his uncle’s mobile home. When he arrived at the mobile home, he realized he was at the wrong one. Jimmy had gone to a mobile home that looked like his uncle’s. At this moment, tears started running down from Jimmy’s face because of the fear he possessed at that moment. Jimmy sped off looking for his uncle’s mobile home until he finally gave up and was sobbing because of how afraid he was. A local family from another mobile home spotted Jimmy in tears and asked him if he was lost. As soon as Jimmy told them what had occurred, they contacted the officer patrols from the sand dunes.

When the officer arrived, he told Jimmy that everything was going to be all right and started putting his ATV onto his truck. Jimmy calmed down a bit but multiple tears were still coming out of his eyes and he was shaking because of how scared he was. It was then that Jimmy heard another officer calling throughout the radio asking about a lost boy with a small red ATV. The officer responded to the other officer and at this point Jimmy was happy to hear that his father was looking for him.

When the officer took Jimmy back to his uncle’s mobile home, Jimmy saw his dad with the other officer looking very worried. As soon as the officer’s truck stopped, Jimmy quickly ran out and hugged his dad. He had never been more scared in his life than he was that day. That day, Jimmy learned a valuable lesson. He learned to listen to his parents and to not wander off unsupervised.