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Lost Pegasus

By Riley Brissenden, age 6, New York


Chapter 1 – Riley

It was a sunny morning—a great day to spend on a beach.  My brother, James, and I ran over to the water to go swimming. We were thinking how much fun this day was going to be, and that nothing could possibly go wrong. At least that’s what I thought…

I ran over with my toy Pegasus, which might have been alive, but I could not tell. I swam in the water, using my boogie board to hold my Pegasus up. As I swam, the boogie board shook, and when I wasn’t looking, the Pegasus slipped off. The Pegasus fell deep down under the water.

I looked everywhere for my toy, but I could not find it. I knew where it must have been—in the water. I dove under, but the Pegasus was nowhere to be seen. Thinking that there was no hope of finding him, I ran over to my mother and told her “I lost my Pegasus!”

Chapter 2 – Black Pegasus

Under the water, the Pegasus swam around. He saw the dock ahead of him, and thought, maybe I’ll rest on there for a while. The Pegasus swam over to and around the dock, trying to get to the ladder, but something stopped him. He got caught on the chain holding the dock to the bottom of the ocean, and was stuck there for three hours. At last, he broke the chain and it caused him to go flying and splash back under the water.

When he emerged from the water he saw that it was night, and he couldn’t decide which way was land. So, he ended up guessing. And Pegasus’ are not very good guessers (at least that’s what I think), and so he went in the wrong direction. Farther, farther, farther, farther away from the shore.

Soon he got so far, that he was in the middle of the ocean, where all of the adventure was about to start. The Pegasus heard some snapping behind him. Suddenly, he realized with terror that something had bit him. So, the Pegasus turned around, and there was a shark.  He flew out of the water, and splashed back in with a loud slap, which scared away the shark.

The Pegasus bobbed up and down, up and down, until he saw a big, brown octopus.  That’s probably something else that will try to bite me and kill me, he thought as he swam farther and farther from the octopus. Eventually he stopped, thinking that he had gotten away, when the octopus’ giant head appeared! The Pegasus was very frightened and did not know what to do, but the octopus did not hurt him. Instead, the octopus asked the Pegasus, “Where are you going?  Maybe I can travel with you.”

“I just want to get to land,” said the Pegasus.

“Well, I know where land is,” said the octopus. “Jump on my back and I’ll carry you there.”

The Pegasus hopped on to his back, and started riding. They were chased by sharks and whiffled by waves, but soon they saw something very far away. It was very hard to tell, but they thought, Land!

So they swam faster and faster and faster and faster, and faster still, until they could make out that it was land.

The Pegasus was very tired, and he couldn’t wait to rest on the shore of the land. But the Pegasus did not know when they would get there, or what time—if it would be morning or night, but he knew that he was not falling asleep until then. So, he stayed up. Except he did not know if the octopus was awake or not—was he sleep swimming? Either way, they still went on and on and on and on.

Finally, they came to a stop.

Chapter 3 – Black Pegasus

Eventually, the Pegasus crawled up onto the land, and he slept there for a night on the sand, on the beach. Finally, the sun came out and it was morning. The Pegasus woke up and looked over at the octopus, who was slowly making his way towards the water.

Running after him into the water, the Pegasus asked, “Where are you going? What are you doing?”

The octopus replied, “I’m sorry, but I can’t go any further. My friends and family will be wondering where I am.”

The Pegasus looked around and thought, There is nothing that can bring me home now. He thought that nothing could get worse, but then he looked to his side, towards the water, and thought he saw a shark. He was wrong—it was a dolphin—but he thought it was a shark.

He flew back on the land, and landed on a kid’s playground. All of the kids came up and said “look, there’s a lost toy on the playground.”

One, not very nice, older kid said, “Older kids get the toys”, and picked the Pegasus up and brought it home.

At home, there was a mother, father and little sister waiting for the older kid. When he showed them the Pegasus his family told him that he didn’t need another toy. They said, “You already have tons of toys.”

The boy stomped his foot and shouted, “I can have as many toys as I want.” He walked away from them, up to his room.

In the middle of the night, the Pegasus tried to enact an escape plan. He was planning to crawl out of the chimney, but as he got to the entrance, he was caught by the boy’s parents. Except the Pegasus did not get in trouble, the boy did.

“Were you playing with the Pegasus?” the boy’s parents shouted at the boy, waking him from his sleep.

“No” answered the boy. But his parents did not believe him and he got in trouble.

While they were yelling, the Pegasus had enough time to escape. He climbed up the chimney and was then outside alone, all alone.

He stayed there until morning, glad that he had escaped, but still sadly thinking that there was no way for him to get home. But the Pegasus was wrong.

In the morning, the Pegasus flew back to the water and saw that the dolphin was still there. It turned out that the octopus was good, he thought to himself, so maybe he should trust the dolphin too.

He went up to the dolphin and said, “Hello, nice to meet you. Could you please help me to get back home?”

The dolphin said, “Of course I’ll take you home. But first, can I show you my family?”

The Pegasus agreed, and climbed onto his back and hung on. The dolphin flipped away, with lots of speed. In the distance, the Pegasus heard the boy shouting, “Where is my Pegasus toy?” But the dolphin continued swimming away.

Chapter 4 – Black Pegasus

Soon there was more trouble. There was a fisherman, and they couldn’t get to the dolphin’s home without passing the fisherman. But the dolphin was brave, and decided to keep going. The fisherman’s net swooped and almost grabbed them, but something hit the net away. It was the dolphin’s parents.

The parents greeted them and asked, “You’ve got a new friend?”

The dolphin introduced them and the Pegasus then asked where he was, and the dolphins replied, “In St. Thomas, of course!”

The Pegasus’ eyes grew wider, because his owner Riley had been talking about going to St. Thomas soon. The Pegasus thought that maybe Riley was already there. So he flew up into the clouds, looking and trying to spot the girl, but she was not anywhere.

Giving up the search, the Pegasus flew back to the dolphins, and together they headed to the dolphin’s home. Their home was made out of rock and water. It was on an island that had a waterfall pouring down, and the dolphins swam through the waterfall to get to a cave inside which was where they lived.

Inside, it was a wonderful sight. The water was a beautiful light blue, and the cave was lit up by the sun shining through. The Pegasus was amazed and thought to himself that St. Thomas was very beautiful.

When the dolphins offered him something to eat, the Pegasus thought, what do dolphins eat?  He soon found out that they ate other fish, which surprisingly actually tasted good.

After they ate, the dolphins said, “You can stay here for a night.”

So the Pegasus slept, curled up, until the next morning when the dolphin woke him up and said, “It’s time for me to bring you home.”

The Pegasus agreed, and together they swam, and swam, and swam.

Chapter 5 – Black Pegasus

The Pegasus and the dolphin had a very, very long journey. At one point he thought that they were lost, but eventually the Pegasus saw something—a teeny, teeny speck of land that he remembered. He thought to himself, Home! and said to the dolphin, “Swim faster!”

The dolphin swam faster, and faster, and faster, until the tiny speck was not tiny anymore, because they were on it. The Pegasus thanked the dolphin for his help and said goodbye, and the dolphin set off.

The Pegasus then looked for Riley. He soared in the sky until his wings grew too floppy and he sped down and splashed into the water. The waves washed him up to the shore. While lying on the sand, he saw someone walking towards him. He couldn’t be sure, but he thought he recognized her. He yelled, “Hey, I’m over here!” and the girl turned to him and ran over.

Chapter 6 – Riley

I was spending the day at the beach, but I was feeling a little bored because I had already played on the playground, swam in the water, and laid in the sun. I was now walking because that was the only thing left to do. I was thinking to myself that even the walk wasn’t fun when I saw a tiny black thing in the sand.  I ran over to see what it was, and shockingly, it was my Pegasus!

Amazed, I picked it up, and brought it to my mom.  “Look!  I found my Pegasus!” I said.  I was so happy to have my toy back!

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  1. Diane Saunders /

    What a great story, and so well written and imaginative!