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Luna Tuna, Tadeo and Julian

By Wendy Paredes, age 10, California


On a sunny Sunday afternoon, I was playing tag with my cousins on my grandfather’s lawn. From where I stood, I could hear my three baby cousins—Tadeo, Luna Tuna, and Julian—all crying loudly in the living room. Their crying gradually increased in volume and attitude until I couldn’t bear it anymore. I decided to go inside and hold one of the three kids until they finally behaved. I picked Luna Tuna, because she was crying the loudest. After a few moments of relentless tears, I sighed in defeat. This would be a very long day.

Luna Tuna was a 6-month-old baby girl. She was wearing purple pajamas with pink flowers. Her real name was Luna Genesis Cardoza Paredes, but we called her Luna Tuna because ‘Luna’ and ‘Tuna’ rhymed. Luna Tuna’s eyes were as big as apples and as brown as the mountains. She had a little fuzz of hair atop her head, hair as black as the spots of a banana. Every time you laid Luna Tuna down, her eyes seemed to say, “What are you going to do with me now?”

Before I grabbed Luna Tuna, she was with her mom and kept on crying. Then I grabbed her and went outside. I thought, Why does she keep on crying?

Then I heard my grandma, who was sitting in the living room, suggest, “Take her outside.”

“Okay,” I shouted back. When I got outside, I put Luna Tuna in her stroller, then started to walk with her around the house. Although Luna Tuna stopped crying, she was still making a sad face.

When I got tired of pushing her around, I went to the yard and sat on the bench. The sun looked like a big, bright, yellow bubble. I thought I only stared at it for a moment, but when I looked down at the stroller, the baby wasn’t there!

I screamed, “THE BABY IS GONE!”

I looked everywhere I could—under my nose, above my head, behind the trees— but Luna Tuna wasn’t there.  I groaned, “Auntie is going to kill me!”

I frantically scanned the floor. I saw some footsteps that waddled towards Ashley’s house. Ashley was my grandma’s neighbor. I followed the footprints to Ashley’s door, and when I opened the door, I saw Luna sitting in Ashley’s lap. As soon as I saw her, I shrieked, “THANK YOU!”

“Why are you screaming?” Ashley asked.

“I thought someone kidnapped the baby!” I yelled hysterically.

Ashley looked shocked. “Sorry,” she said. “I thought you wouldn’t mind if I took her.”

“And I don’t,” I told her, “but next time, please ask me first.”

Luna Tuna was smiling the whole time. I said, “Alright, it’s time to go.”

When we went back inside my house, I saw Miranda eating. That was good, because she normally didn’t eat a lot. Miranda was a 4-year-old girl. Her full name was Miranda Guadalupe Martinez Campos, but my family just called her Miranda. Her hair was as yellow as a golden coin. That day, she was wearing a Minnie shirt and blue pants. Miranda’s eyes inquired, Can I use your tablet?

I told her, “Maybe later, Miranda. Right now, I have to help someone else.”

There were two babies left crying—Tadeo and Julian. I chose Tadeo because he loved me almost as much as I loved him.

Tadeo was an 8-month-old baby boy, and his full name was Januel Tadeo Arrojo Paredes. He was very skinny. What little bit of hair he had was as brown as a chocolate cake. Tadeo was wearing bright blue pajamas with black stripes. He was trying to grab toys in his chubby fists, and he cried as they fell out of his hands.

How could I stand there and refuse to help him? Tadeo’s adorable eyes encouraged, Grab me.

When I grabbed him, I ran outside like a racing car at a racetrack. But I was careful, too— as careful as a shark trying to catch a fish. Then, I sat on the bench and I heard my neighbors Ashley and Kika call my name.  They screamed, “WENDY! Can you come and play with us!?”

“I’m holding a baby!” I hollered back.

“Fine!” They acknowledged. “Well, hurry up!”

I nodded. Tadeo kept on crying, so I walked him around the yard and inside. After what seemed like eternity, he stopped crying. Cheered by this victory, I thought, Yes!

Once I was inside, and once I had put Tadeo down, I grabbed Julian.  Miranda saw me and asked, “Where are you taking mi hermanito?”

“He’s crying,” I explained. “So I’m taking him outside to see if he stops.”

Miranda shrugged. “Okay.”

Julian was a 2-month-old baby boy who wore green pajamas with a frog in the center of the t-shirt. He was as chubby as a cow and as short as a rat. Julian had a shock of hair artfully shaped into a Mohawk. His short, thick hair was as black as a turned-off TV screen. Julian’s full name was Januel Martinez Campos. He was Miranda’s younger brother.  While I held him, he kept curiously peering at me. It seemed as though he was saying, “What are you looking at?”

I took him outside, and I saw Ashley holding a few Lunchable packets, arranged in a familiar design in the center of the table.

I snorted. “I thought that you were planning to take Lunchables to school tomorrow?”

Ashley replied, “Yeah.”

“Then what’s all this?” I asked.

“Isn’t there something different about the packets?” Ashley insisted.

“No,” I slowly responded.

“Do you give up?” Ashley asked.

“Sure,” I surrendered.

“His name is LunchBob SquarePants!” Ashley grinned.

“How is he LunchBob SquarePants?” I demanded, confused by her answer.

Ashley sighed impatiently. “Don’t you see I drew pants and eyes on him?”

“Oh! I see it now.”

After we were done with that, I got a baby bottle, put water and milk powder, shook the bottle, and gave it to Julian. When he was halfway done drinking his milk, he fell asleep.

“Oh wow!” I said, amazed. “That was easy.”

I went inside the house, moving carefully so as not to wake him up. I went to my grandma’s room to lay the baby down. When I put him down, it looked like he was ready to cry, but fortunately for me, he was just dreaming.

Later that day, Aunt Janet asked Ashley and me to take the babies for a walk.

We responded as fast as cheetahs—“Yes!”

Hopefully, I thought, hopefully, Julian is asleep, so there is one less baby to worry about.

Ashley and I got the babies ready and put them in their stroller. We were already on the sidewalk, walking with the babies and Kika in less time than a bell can ring. I pushed Luna Tuna, and Ashley pushed the others. For once, it seemed, the babies were all happy.